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Not exactly walking on water, but I bet that was bloody hard work.

Technically, this Shaolin monk is running on water, BUT with the help of the wooden boards, BUT still freakishly impressive!

Boards or not….  It’s STILL AMAZING!


They did put the quotes so people would know it’s not quite literally running on water. But these planks he’s running on are not that sturdy as you may think, and can not hold up a human body weight without sinking (for a bit longer period of time). So for him to be able to do this, he is required to have a really good technique and incredible stamina.

Everyone’s saying he’s “running on boards” yes, he is. but they are there for traction, that is all.  Obviously the monk can not run on water, but the amount of skill it took to do that is still impressive. Most people could not get 5 steps in before falling.  In reality it would be pretty cool to carry around a stack of little wooden plates, and be able to simultaneously throw the plates and run on the thrown plates and make it across an entire lake.

Considering you have about half a second before you sink into the water and have to move onto the next plank, not to mention the drag of the water slowing you down, it’s not as easy as it looks. The planks just make it possible enough to move/run consistently on water. Kind of like how if you jump off a building you will probably die when you hit the ground. But if you jumped off a building from platform to platform you would probably have a much higher chance of survival. Not a sure chance, but the platforms make it just possible enough.

Not only does it take an incredible amount of concentration and stamina to do this, but think about it, if this monk were to linger at any point he would sink, think about it! And, in some ways he most surely is running on water….. Sure ain’t easy folks!!

A Shaolin monk in China has broken his own record as he ran on water for 125 meters without falling, in Quanzhou China. Video footage captures Shi Liliang’s incredible feat, which was the third time he had attempted to break his own personal record of 120 meters. Having spent a long time working on his speed and balance at Quanzhou Shaolin Temple, the monk finally succeeded in crossing the 125 meter wide river.

Earlier he had ‘run on the water’ for 118 meters. According to a report on New China TV, Shi Liliang trained for more than ten years in his attempts to run on water and used floating boards for support. He told New China TV  “People need to trust themselves. Last year, I failed five times, and I managed to run 118 meters successfully.”

Shi used thin floating boards to run on the water; the feat requires tremendous skill and technique, even with the boards.

Shi Liliang is a member of the Buddhist Quanzhou Shaolin Temple, which is world famous for the incredible feats of skill and endurance its monks have displayed over the years.

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