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The U.S. MARINE CORPS… Budget that is bigger than any army in the world, uses THIS to cook bacon!!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the most expensive way to cook bacon!!!

Does anyone know how much money went in to cooking these three strips of bacon? lol

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what is cooler…the fact that he is shooting an awesome freaking rifle or that it also has bacon on the end of it. Bacon makes everything more awesome!

That’s how they should fight ISIS with bacon dipped bullets and this wrapped around the suppressor, when fighting ISIS, THIS must be standard procedure. As ISIS are cowering, let’s hope the bullets actually leave the barrel with the smell of bacon on it, and as the bullets whizz past them, they can smell a good old bacon…  just before their demise!

Although your barrel and muzzle can get hot, you’re not wrapping it in foil for its intended use. So, for it to get hard enough to cook bacon you need to fire a lot more rounds over a longer period of time, while still keeping it rapid.

U.S. Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christian P. Wade, Division Gunner, 2nd Marine Division, demonstrates how an M4-style rifle suppressor can get hot enough to cook bacon near Camp Lejeune, N.C.

As the marine is wrapping bacon around the barrel of the gun, he demonstrates how hot a suppressor can get while attached to a small arms weapon. In this case, one fitted with a very nice SureFire 60 round coffin mag as he lets it rip with a bacon wrapped can.

He says, “This is about as America as you can get right here”. Then he proceeds to fire off many, many rounds. As the barrel heats up, he takes a whiff of the gun barrel, which probably smells absolutely AMAZING.

He shoots more eventually overcooking the bacon! The moral of the story is to be careful with the suppressor because it gets very hot.

The Marines have been spending more time with their suppressors lately and CW5 Christian P. Wade in the video talks about some misconceptions on how they operate as part of the 2nd Marine Division’s “Ask the Gunner” segment on the unit’s social media page.

After checking his cooking skills, he gives it another mag only to find the hog slices past saving.

“So now you know. Be careful with your suppressor, it gets hot,” he says.

U.S. MARINE CORPS do like their bacon extra crispy!

Don’t we just love the smell of bacon in the morning? It smells like victory!!!

Marine rifle bacon = burnt but eaten any way.

Army rifle bacon = under resourced and cooked late due to administrative delays in establishing authorities to cook.

Navy Seal rifle bacon = filmed as an advertisement for Oscar Mayer, but cooked to perfection… and in Khaki dive shorts.

Special Forces rifle bacon = unknown, but likely just eaten raw.

Navy rifle bacon = the Marines took theirs after burning their own.

Air Force rifle bacon = no rifles, no bacon.



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