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People in Canada are outraged at this woman’s racist rant.

She’s not a racist for expecting them to know English. She’s a racist for sending them “back to China”. Telling people to go back to their own country is a racist phrase. You can feel how superior she thinks she is with her condescending tone.

No employee who works so hard for so little money deserves this and no human being in the world deserves this.

The moment a Canadian woman berates grocery clerks and tells them to ‘go back to China’ for not understanding English has been caught on video.

The video, shot in a Toronto Foodymart, shows a woman in a motorized wheelchair breaking into a racist rage over communications difficulties with the Chinese staffers.

What the?!!!!! ….then don’t eat Chinese food?!!!… You want authentic Chinese food, then speak Chinese. Same goes for Mexican food, you order in Spanish. I can go on about this.

The point is, you need to embrace everyone’s diverse background.  Go to a different place to eat if you don’t like the service. Who the hell are you to tell them that they need to leave Canada because they can’t explain the course of the meal to you? That doesn’t change the fact, that this lady is simply a bitter old crow without manners. Everybody deserves respect whether they can speak English or not.

Someone did speak English, if I’m listening correctly. Nonetheless, there’s no reason to be so rude about it. She kept saying “go back to China”. That’s not acceptable.  You are buying their food, be patient. Maybe someone else can help you? There’s no need to discriminate those who can’t speak your language and ask them to go back to their country. Really, there’s no need for that.

The person is trying to speak English. If a language you speak isn’t your first language you will have an odd accent and will have a hard time pronouncing words… but at least they are trying. Key word “trying”.

You think when you were a baby your English words came out perfect? No. Why? Because you were LEARNING.  So it’s okay for you to mess up words when you were learning, but not someone else? The ignorance of some people is appalling.

Honestly, you have to expect the store owners not to be able to speak English if you want some authentic chinese food. Whether they can speak English or not, it’s their choice. (If they can’t earn enough profit from their store because of their poor English skills then it’s their loss) They set up a store there to provide you with another choice of food. It’s your choice whether you want to eat from them or not. If you are really so unhappy about them not being able to speak English, then don’t buy from them. If you still really want to buy from them, but are really unhappy about not being able to understand them, then learn their language.

Don’t expect people to revolve around you and don’t expect people to always cater to your needs.

She is obviously frustrated at being unable to communicate with the person behind counter. Insulting the person that serves you isn’t the smartest thing to do, not too many people are going to go out of their way to help you. And telling them to learn the language or go back home is not only racist, but plain rude. There is no logic in this argument, it’s a racially charged verbal assault, plain and simple.

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