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“Life’s too short to get that mad over a chicken sandwich.” ..

“Now we have to think twice: Just how important is that chicken sandwich?”

McWow,,,,,,,that lady was Mcpissed about her McChicken samwich,,,she’s McCrazy,,,must be a McGood meal to McPull the manager’s hair for !!!!!!!!!! McBahaha!!!!!

Woman is frustrated, hangry, cranky, and wants food “BADLY”. You’re not yourself when you’re hangry! She should have had a Snickers!

Sometimes fast food just doesn’t come out fast enough for some people.

Seriously? Over a chicken sandwich? That’s not even “hangry.” That’s just straight psychotic. Let us hope she goes to jail and gets a psych evaluation. The manager did the right thing. She tried to get the lady to stop and to get off the counter and then the lady started destroying property and could have hurt someone. Don’t mess with the manager!!

When hunger and anger is combined, nothing good can ever come of it indeed.

A woman who couldn’t wait any longer for her McChicken became enraged and started a brawl at the restaurant. Video of the incident was captured by a woman, 34-year-old Amanda Gravely, waiting at the drive-thru window, according to the Des Moines Register, Gravely described the impatient customer as an “extremely hangry and angry woman,” and the video shows her screaming at the employee at the counter.

The woman, who was accompanied by two men, screams, “Give me my sh*t!” the woman is heard shouting in the video. Then she’s heard screaming, “Give me my money, and I will leave! Give me my money, and I will leave!” She then totally loses it and hops on top of the counter while she continues to scream at the employees about getting her McChicken. Soon, the woman is behind the counter, flailing her arms at the employees as they try to grab her and calm the situation.

One of the men with her can be heard saying, “Grab her hair,” as the brawling continues behind the counter. The video then shows the McDonald’s manager handing over the McChicken sandwich to the woman, but she throws it back over the counter and in the employee’s face. Gravely, who recorded the incident, told the Register that the McDonald’s appeared to be short-staffed and that the drive-thru line was packed. Gravely, who was with her husband and kids in the car, said the woman in the video “screamed and yelled a lot more” prior to when she started recording. She thought the altercation was “crazy” and was worried about her kids hearing and witnessing it.

“I wanted to record in case it escalates,” Gravely told the newspaper.

Eat a snickers honey your *itch is showing,  If the wait was an hour I would have just asked for my money back and gone somewhere else. Those burgers arent hard to make and they certainty don’t take that long.

One thing I know is! The costumer isn’t always right! Glad that little mama beat her ass! There isn’t any counter big enough to stop and angry employee. People think fast food workers are beneath them. So they can treat them however. Everyone deserves respect whether their a doctor or a waiter..



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