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When the cranky old man who hates kids on his lawn gets even older and crankier…

When you see a big red sign and a gate, no excuse, you turn around right where you are, you don’t proceed. That asshole wouldn’t have been laughing if he got shot.

We are familiar with this personality type: the cranky old man. He is a stock character in movies, cartoons, and TV shows.  He seems to dislike everybody and everything. Step on his lawn or get in his way at the store and you will know it. Make the mistake to ask him about the government or taxes and your ears will burn for a week.

In this case an armed old man confronted two young motorcyclists , these two riders are looking for Holly Shelter a large public game land in California.

They ignored the sign that says “DO NOT ENTER” and have taken down the gate , they tried to go out the way they came in but they were confronted by a man with a gun saying ” WHAT THE  F*ck?!! CAN’T YOU READ?!  the motorcyclists said they were just turning around and that they just saw the sign, the man said ARE YOU  F*CKING BLIND?! We are trying to get to holly shelter ( RIDER),  “THERE AIN’T NO GODDAMN WAY TO HOLLY SHELTER IN HERE, THIS IS MY  F*CKING LAND !! ”  GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE! YOU TORE MY GODDAMN GATE DOWN!! Then the two motorcyclists turned back laughing.

I see nothing wrong with the way it was handled. The old man  pulls up and sees that his gate is torn down and two  motorcyclists are driving on his private land that he has invested signs for people to keep out. He didn’t point the gun at them. He was ready to protect himself in case he walked in to an unknown situation. Always better safe than sorry.  Not only did they trespass they also destroyed his property when they took the gate down.

PRIVATE PROPERTY IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. “ANY QUESTIONS?” Signs were posted. And if the disrespectful, irresponsible riders did trespass, Gate or No gate. The owner is responsible if they get injured on his land. They were in the WRONG. They knew it.

The man never pointed or even hinted at using the firearm. He was on his own property,  he didn’t have a holster so holding it was his way of utilizing his right to open carry. Which is a state law. If they had pulled a gun on him at that point they would have been considered the aggressor in which he could, at that point, defend himself. In North Carolina you have the right to remove a trespasser from your property through a series called “escalation of force.” This series starts with telling someone to leave and escalates to forcefully removing them. It’s legal to forcefully remove them, but you are NOT allowed to use DEADLY force to remove a trespasser. Since he only possessed the firearm and didn’t threaten to use it, it would be hard for a jury to convict him of anything. He was simply protecting himself.

Trespassing is a serious thing down south! You would be surprised at how many trespassers mean harm of these land owners! They have to deal with criminal trespassers all the time, that’s why this man with the gun was so angry. He was dead in his rights to protect his property.

He might be a cranky old coot, but he’s right. A no entry sign, and they took down the gate he put up on his own property? That’s an absolute douche behavior from the bikers.

Moral of the story….dont tear other people’s sh*t up.


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