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A circus trainer has been savagely mauled by lions in front of shocked families during a live show.

Two of the lions lost their temper and pounced on their trainer  Oleksiy Pinko midway through his act in Ukraine.

The use of wild animals in the circus needs to be banned!!

Those poor Lions finally snapped! Can somebody remind these people that Lions are wild animals?!!!


That’s what happens when you take wild animals out of their natural environment and make them perform ‘tricks’ for our amusement.

This is shocking, I mean the ‘trainer’ must have been terrified by the lion,  but the fact that we still allow circus acts like this to continue in the world is just unbelievable! These are animals that should be roaming the african planes in all their glory, not stuck in some groty circus being forced to perform, while being stabbed at with sticks! For human beings, we really can be very inhumane.

This whole animal act in circuses and zoos should be BANNED forever!

The animals pounced on Oleksiy Pinko during his circus act in Lviv, Ukraine, a few years ago.

The terrifying moment a lion attacks his trainer while cruelly performing in a circus has been caught on camera and it’s really awful.

The horrifying  situation was filmed by a tourist as they watched the torturous circus in Lviv, Ukraine, causing mass outrage among viewers.

In the frightening footage, the a pack of lions are being made to perform tricks in a tiny, wire-mesh cage, when one of the lion jumps up and pounces on one of the trainers.

Another lion turns on trainer Oleksiy Pinko and for a few moments, he completely disappears beneath the powerful creatures.

Frantically, Pinko tries to push the lions back with a metal rod, but one of the beasts rears up and bites him in the leg, while another locks his strong jaws around his arm.

The audience, which contained hundreds of people, including children, start to scream in horror while other trainers use water hoses and metal bars to pry the lions of Pinko who was feeling the full wrath of the big cats.

After a fearsome battle, Pinko manages to make his escape away from the angry pair and emerges limping and dripping with blood.

A witness said:

I was just grabbing my daughter and trying to run because I thought they were going to get out.

Pinko, who is apparently famous for conducting death-defying, but undeniable cruel tricks involving lions in the circus, was later rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

Despite his injuries, Pinko made a full recovery and has been seen performing in the circus among the big cats since.

The watchers, however, seem to be and understandably more on the side of the meanly kept lions.

It’s great the trainer made a full recovery, but circus’ like this should not be encouraged, especially if it involves the abusing of large wild animals.

If you force animals into captivity and force them to do things against their will, then at some point they’re going to snap…

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