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A baby’s laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear indeed! He seems to be really having fun in the safari!

There it is again. That glorious natural uncontrollable giggle only children can accomplish. Never get tired listening to it, babies are simply irresistible and you cannot find a single word fit to describe them as a whole!

Man that laughing is good .


We all KNOW what COULD have happened. But THANK YOU it did not. Now…….let’s enjoy this sweet piece of innocence and joy. God knows they are few and far between. Children’s laughter give you back hope for the future.

This place is called Wildlife Safari (you can read it on the cups they are holding), the section they are in is a “feed the animals area”. There is a place as you cross the cow grates to purchase food pellets for the animals (again, the cups) and you are allowed to feed any animal that comes up to your car until you come to the next grate. Windows are encouraged to be down throughout the entire tour (about an hour long that you drive in your own vehicle and your own pace) to give you a good view and experience. However, the only animals you can feed or touch in the safari is between those grates. They also have elephant and gariffe encounters you can do separately that allow you to feed and pet those as well. Each animal species has it’s own area that is very large and open range with the exception of the lions, cheetahs and bears. They have a fence but still a very big amount of land.

So don’t go get all judgey everyone and think you know everything and what you’re “supposed to do”… and visit it yourself before we start getting judgemental and prude. People can be so critical , things happen to people all the time , I’m sure these parents were being very careful so that their beautiful baby would not be pecked.

This is not an ostrich, same family though, but this is an emu . Yes, ostriches are agressive…but emus’ are not. They are extremely docile and relaxed animal, and in some places they even let you ride them. They are in petting zoo’s people. Either way, they are not agressive.

Wildlife Safari is a SANCTUARY for animals who cannot be placed back in the wild. They focus on conservation and increasing the populations of many species. Their work is absolutely amazing! It is located in a small town in Southern Oregon (Winston) and provides a huge amount of local jobs for animal lovers. The walk through village is free and they offer animal encounters.

Wildlife Safari is home to hundreds of animals that wander freely over the 600-acre (240 ha) park, which guests can drive through. The safari also includes a walkthrough exhibit displaying some of the park’s smaller animals.

Between the drive-through area and the village, Wildlife Safari features over 600 animals including bears , capybaras, South African cheetahsAfrican elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, lions, and ostriches. More than 600 of these animals are given free rein on the grasslands, and are accessible for viewing by driving on a 4.5-mile (7.2 km) road. Visitors can stop to view the animals and take pictures anywhere except in the bear cage. Besides both black and brown bears, other animals in “protected contact” include tigers, lions, and cheetahs.

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