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“Parents of the Year!”

Elephants are well known for their strong family bonds and protective parenting skills, not to mention powerful females. They are one of the most loving and sensitive creatures on the planet. Elephants are magnificent, fascinating animals indeed!

This incredible footage shows the gentle giants working together to help their baby.

It is amazing to see how powerful these beautiful animals act so intelligently to protect their own.

Elephants display complex social and emotional behavior, and are said to value their families more than most animals. The bond between a baby elephant and its mother can be correctly described as the closest of any animal on earth.  If it is a female baby, she will typically remain together with her mother right into her own adulthood and will likely never once be separate from her until the mother dies in old age.

A CCTV footage from the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, shows the baby elephant  playfully dunk its trunk into the large pool of water besides one of the adult elephants before falling into the enclosed pool.

It shows how they swiftly dealt with a potential catastrophe when a baby slipped into a pool of water. When the calf lost its footing and fell in, the adult elephant that had been standing next to it appears to panic – but another rushes over from the other side of the enclosure. We believe that those are his parents who came to the rescue.

In a heart-warming moment, the quick-thinking pair run to the shallow end of the pool and jump into the water.  As the baby elephant drifts away from the edge and towards the middle of the pool, the two adults are left with no choice but to come diving  in towards the calf.  In a heart-warming moment, the quick-thinking pair run to the shallow end of the pool and jump into the water and pushed it up against the side of the pool. From there, they were able to use their trunks to hold it up.  Finally, both of the adult elephants then herd the baby elephant towards the shallow end of the pool back to dry land.

Notice how distressed the other elephant in the habitat next door is! It can be seen in the video running back and forth in a separate enclosure clearly alarmed by the commotion.These beautiful beasts have so much heart and soul and humans continue to massacre them. It’s so upsetting.

Do you know that elephants console each other in times of stress by “hugging”? According to researchers, elephants hug by putting their trunks in each other’s mouths, offering comfort through physical contact. They also mourn their dead. Wild elephants will stand silently at the bodies of their dead companions, sometimes for days on end. Later, they may return and pay homage to their bones.

Given all this evidence about the awesomeness and sensitivity of elephants, it’s obvious that taking them away from their families and locking them up is wrong, which is why we need to speak out for them when they are abused and exploited.



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