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This Police Officer is so brave, selfless, and compassionate.

Maybe some cops in the world can take a lesson or two from this police officer in Thailand. His general trust in the goodness of mankind and his eloquent way of dismissing violence as a resort, has made thousands upon thousands of hearts melt these past few days. All because of a video showcasing how he tackled a very distressing situation that could have ended very badly.

The things people do when they are completely stressed. He could have gone anywhere but he chose a police station because it was a cry for help!

If you all  look closely at the very beginning the guy was holding the knife with the handle facing the officer. He handed the knife, with the handle still facing the officer, to the officer. When he stepped back and exposed his chest to the officer, body language, “stab me.” The guy wasn’t threatening the officer he was trying to get killed. That’s why the officer gave him a hug and the guy busted into tears.  The man was possibly suicidal. Walking into a police station with a weapon, your chances of getting shot are pretty high. I think thats what he was hoping for. I don’t think he actually would have or wanted to harm anyone. Also, the way he just breaks down after the officer gave him a hug. Just a lost man who wanted a way out and who desperately needs help.

This is a “fortunately” story, but not all incidents with threatening criminals end this happily for those sworn to protect. I hope this video is used alongside other body cam videos which show the “unfortunately” side, so police officers don’t put themselves at risk like this.

Until you have walked a mile in a police officer’s shoes, you can’t truly give advice on how to bring peaceful resolution in an escalated and threatening situation; while we would all love these happily ever after outcomes, it would require that all citizens have a bearing of true north as well as a conscience and until we can 110% guarantee these public servants that this is now the case, all suspects in a similar situation will have to be vetted as such before any internet video worthy material can begin… who can blame an officer for not wanting to gamble on his own safe return to his/her family each night by erring on the side of benefit of doubt…

Police officer Anirut Malee was spending a normal day at work at Huay Kwang police station in Thailand, when suddenly a clearly distressed man walks in holding what appears to be a large knife. The man was not having the best of days and decided to take it out on the local police.

The video clearly shows how Anirut Malee reacts. You’d think maybe he would pull out a gun or jump at the guy. But Anirut seems clearly calm and confident and simple remains seated in front of the assailant and starts a dialougue with him. He tells Thai Visa News.

He used to be a musician but had been working as a security guard for three days and had not been paid. On top of this he had had his guitar stolen and it was all stressing him out.

“I heard him out and sympathized and said I had a guitar to give him, and suggested we go out for a meal together. We were conversing in Southern Thai dialect”.

Somehow Anirut managed to calm the distressed attacker – and then the most amazing thing happened. The assailant just calmly handed the knife over to the Anirut without putting up any fight. He broke down in tears and Anirut went up to the man and did the unimaginable:

He gave him a big giant hug!

Hugs are so underrated. Everyone needs them, and it’s awesome to give them. If only world leaders would hug it out. Sometimes all it takes to defuse a situation is the willingness to listen withouth judgement. And a hug, gotta have a hug..

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