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Well this wasn’t anything close to an Elk attack actually , more of like ..
Elk: “Hey, buddy, you ok? Got any food for me?”

If that was an attack, the camera man would be hamburger, and the elk would have a new hat.

Those animals headbutt pretty hard when they’re fighting!

This one is a sad story.. the elk was euthanized because people wouldn’t stop feeding it. He kept approaching visitors.

Photographer risked his own life to get a better picture and elk pays the highest price- death!

The poor creature was killed shortly afterwards by the rangers who felt the elk was more likely to approach other humans and cause future harm. It was killed because of a photograph and a video that went viral. The elk was euthanized because people wouldn’t stop feeding it, he kept approaching visitors.

In this instance, it is not act of aggression but an act of compassion. The photographer is in the wrong and should not have been sitting on the road. If this had happened if he was sitting on grass miles away from the road, then maybe there would grounds for the claim of it being an unprovoked attack. The key word here being – unprovoked.

Indeed, it was a great risk as especially the elk could’ve accidently injured the photographers eyes and or face due to his carelessness. Any photographer or person with common sense wouldn’t be sitting on the road and would be using lenses to observe the animals in their natural habitat.

This entire fiasco could have been avoided if he just moved away from the road. As it can be clearly seen the Elk left him alone once he is no longer sitting on the road.

If people truly  love the natural rare sightings of wildlife it is best to stay back and just enjoy that few minutes because what you think you have made friends with is a dangerous unpredictable wild animal! “The reason Wild is in Wildlife”

If you want to enjoy those type of sightings do not interfere with their natural wild survival and they will live healthy all by themselves without your food handout and you are not making a friend! Your removing its needed fear of man as to survive!

That photographer was extremely lucky! A buck deer during rut season is one dangerous buck because he is full of mating season hormones that cause them to be highly aggressive, in other words he is a crazed buck and very territorial and those antlers will kill you and even your domesticated medium-large dog too!

Leave nature… better than you found it!

The video showed photographer James York getting into a bit of a headbutting match with a young bull elk who took an interest in his gear before getting aggressive.

The elk in question has since been put down by Rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, leaving much of the internet and York himself saddened and speechless.

The altercation happened in the Cataloochee Valley of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and although it could have gotten very ugly very quickly, everything went okay and elk and human eventually parted ways without anybody getting hurt.

At least that’s what everybody thought until the park confirmed that the elk was put down by Rangers after the incident because he “could not be re-trained to be fearful of humans.”

According park spokeswoman Molly Schroer, the elk had been coming back to that area in search of food as a result of previous humans feeding him, and had begun associating humans with food.

When York found out what happened, he issued a statement that was added to the description in the video above:

I love and respect animals and that’s why I photograph them and don’t hunt them. I am deeply hurt by the loss of such a beautiful creature that in its own way bonded with me. I looked forward to watching him grow to a mature bull as the years passed.

I’m truly heartbroken to know he is gone.

Park Rangers assured York that he did nothing wrong in the video. The elk had been exhibiting aggressive behavior for a long time, and this was apparently their only course of action. This isn’t something the park resorts to often and, in fact, this elk is the first the park has ever put down.

It is sad that an animal had to pay for a humans stupid mistake.

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