Buzzed by F-18s in Death Valley: The American “Mach Loop” **Language Warning**

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While on a road trip across country just us two dorks randomly out exploring on a ridge with no clue are surprised by two F18’s during training in Death Valley. At the time we had no idea the spot was a regular training area.

I literally had just stopped to get a shot of the canyon and some quick video of the rocks at the beginning of the video.***Language Warning*** Buzzed by F-18s

A variety of jet aircraft that train low level in Death Valley. Was great to see the C17 Globemaster dropping into lower altitudes. A rarity also was to catch the Italian Air Force Typhoon Eurofighter paying us a visit in from the 37 wing, Trapani, Italy who were working in the area. The usual US Navy Hornets doing what they do best from various naval bases on the west coast. Amongst the hornets we got the splinter paint scheme from VFC-12 NAS Oceana. An f16 Falcon from Edwards AFB and not forgetting the legendary Harrier AV-8B. This one here dropped in from nearby China Lake VX-31.

Witnessing the wonder of Death Valley is one thing, but when you head out there and are greeeted by a group of fighter jets pulling off some wild passes, it’s a whole new experience completely.

The “Mach Loop” is located inside an unpopulated area that was given the designation ‘Low Flying Area’ 7 (LFA-7). LFA-7 has a series of valleys, lined by steep sides with mountains either side rising to around 1,000 metres the highest in the chain being Snowdon (1,200 metres), that allows the pilot to do circuits or to leave this circuit at any point (usually due to low cloud).

It looks like that, besides Coyote Summit, used to spot Red Flag traffic near Area 51, there is a somehow similar place in the famous Death Valley.

Want to go from San Diego all the way to Death Valley?

This is just a pleasure flight, but enjoy

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