A great of example of why it’s usually best to avoid confrontation… especially if you are an idiot!

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Here is a great of example of why it’s usually best to avoid confrontation… especially if you are an idiot! People Behaving Badly: The Moral of the Story..

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Dictionary result for idiot

    a stupid person
    synonyms: foolasshalfwitnincompoopduncedoltignoramuscretinimbeciledullardmoronsimpleton
    a person of low intelligence

    synonyms: Liberal


A phrase that, in most situations, translates to “I can’t find a good argument to counter yours, so I’ll just insult you instead”.

Speaking of which:

Welfare Should Help People, Not Make Government Slaves

Government welfare is supposed to be a safety net, yet many have turned it into a fishing net.

With that welfare, comes strings. Not only intrusion via the government, but psychological strings.

It is vital that one is able to stand up on their own two feet, and support themselves.

The president signed an executive order looking to bring common sense to welfare programs. By beefing up work requirements, recipients of taxpayer-funded welfare assistance will be given to people who are actively helping themselves instead of people who treat SNAP like a free ride.

In January, the Trump Administration announced that states are now able to impose their own work requirements for Medicaid. This local approach is crucial. Most states have different employment opportunities county-by-county as well as seasonally.

How SNAP Works for Workers

According to the Department of Agriculture, 44% of households that use SNAP, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program have at least one person who is working and earning money. This is how SNAP is meant to be used — to help cover the last few expenses in a household when there isn’t enough work. It’s not supposed to be something that covers all of your costs.

Now, Trump wants to push for more requirements to demonstrate that both Medicaid recipients and SNAP recipients are working at least a little.

State, Local Changes Already Going Through

In response to the Trump update, New Hampshire lawmakers have required that all able-bodied Medicaid recipients have to work between 20 and 30 hours per week in order to continue to qualify. That is, if you can work, you must be actively looking for a job or taking training, or you must be working part-time hours in order to qualify.

Last month, Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi announced that a partnership between local and federal law enforcement had found 22,000 bad transactions totaling $3.7 million in SNAP fraud, and had arrested almost 200 people in relation to their shady businesses accepting SNAP for cash and drugs back.

The scams had people receiving government SNAP swiping their EBT cards at bad businesses. They would then give some of the money back to the person while keeping part of the cash for themselves.

Replacing SNAP with Non-Perishable Food Boxes

In February, a Trump Administration official announced that the Department of Agriculture was considering the “America’s Harvest Box”. It would include shelf-stable necessities which would partly replace SNAP. The main driver for this would be to allay fears that SNAP was being misused, it would save money. It would guarantee that food help recipients were indeed buying food.

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