VIDEO OF THE DAY: Joe the Plumber Destroys Hillary: BLAM!

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Joe the Plumber was interviewed by FOXBusiness News discussing Hillary’s desperate pitch to the middle class into blue-collar workers. It was an epic beat down.

“Hillary Clinton does not share middle class values. When we here in the blue-collar world give our word, our word means something.… If Hillary Clinton actually told the truth you anybody believe her? Most Americans say NOT.”

“It’s absurd that she’s trying to connect with blue-collar workers because we don’t trust her, her word means nothing and when your word means nothing your character is in question.”

“She tried to hit Donald Trump about being rich. Donald Trump became rich through hard work, building companies and creating jobs. Hillary and Bill Clinton have become rich by selling America out.”

“Hillary Clinton wants to put more Democratic policies in place that tears apart America and that keeps the power in her hands. She doesn’t want people to succeed, if people succeed Hillary Clinton’s power goes away and that’s what people really need to think about. When the media and politicians get involved that’s when we lose our liberty.”

That interview will leave a mark. Great job Joe!

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