Video: How Not to Park a Tank

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“Missed it by that much.”

And then, like a turtle with its legs in the air, the tank was upside down.

It’s a short clip, only fifteen seconds:

Wisecracks on the Video

There’s never a good film online without a bunch of wisecrack responses.

“Got tanked without any alcohol involved.”

“Ooooooo expensive! I’m surprised all the deflector plates didn’t detonate.”

“The guy trying to line up the parking job found out why you don’t stand in front of the barrel?! He took off like a ruptured duck…. like Forrest Gump, he’s probably still running!”

“Full throttle always helps in trouble.”

“I really wonder how many penalty days they got both the driver and the guy directing him onto the platform! lol”

“That was my Monday too in a nutshell.”

“Oh no that is going to cost him dearly, when I was in the #Marines & we took our guns to the railhead or put them on trucks we would have gun guides we weren’t allowed to do that, I think it’s safe to say his military career is done”

“Busted, or grounded, or fired?! NO way to get out of this one, especially when there were so many witnesses!”

“Well … what do you have to say for yourself? Now, who is going to flip the turtle back up?”

“Don’t f**king stop in the middle of the ramp!”

“OUCH. That gotta hurt. Take it whoever was driving failed what I believe you Americans call drivers ed!!”

“AAA onstar please…”

One person commented with another short clip of a flipping tank… with one operator jumping out just in time.

Russian Tank Flips in 2012

While we’re here let’s look at a video of a Russian tank flipping over after appearing in a parade. Reportedly, the people in the crowd weren’t hurt but they were probably feeling very awake after all that.

There’s a lot of Russian mishaps online. I like watching their dashcam videos, but this one just gives me a weird feeling all over, as a tank operator is almost drowned and had to use his radio to coordinate his escape.

“Only in Russia, man,” says the comments, while others volunteer that it’s like a T-54.

Starting with the Soviet Union, T-tanks started with the T-24 built in 1931.

More recently, the US military were forced to deal with the Afghanis who had hundreds of leftover T-54 tanks from the previous Soviet presence in the region.

Leftover tanks have continued to be an issue. In 2015, we reported that ISIS had some access to tanks.

“Jihadists benefited from rifles, machine guns, anti-tank missiles and surface-to-air-missiles given to Iraqi forces by countries including the UK, Russia, China, the USA, Germany and France, Amnesty International said.

The pictures, which appeared on Terrormonitor’s Twitter feed, show a large tank – but the extremists rarely deploy armoured vehicles through fear of them becoming an easy target for airstrikes.

Lax controls on the ground provided the group with a large and lethal arsenal that is being used to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity on a massive scale, Amnesty International said in a report published this week.”

Just another good reason to always clean up when you’re done in a region.

And Obama didn’t bother to clean the region up, instead laughing at ISIS the “jay-vee” team.

The arms used by ISIS were largest picked up from Iraqi leftovers, and they have been found to be carrying weapons and equipment that originated from around two dozen countries.

Hey, maybe the upcoming military parade in Washington will show off some repatriated equipment? It’ll be an expensive affair…

“President Trump wants a parade celebrating our military and troops. It’s a great idea, and is a perfect event symbolizing the fact that America is getting back on her feet after eight years of a commander-in-chief who reveled in complaining about America and decimating our military.

The hysteria the proposed parade has provoked among Democrats and leftists provides even more proof that it’s the right thing to do.”

..and showing off some spoils of war taken back from ISIS would be a fantastic addition.

Anyway here’s some more tanks flipping if you want to feel better about that time you backed into a low fence and scraped the bumper.

Sources: Youtube, Wikipedia

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