Vicious Russian ‘Hooli-Girls’ Training to Brawl With English World Cup Fans

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In Russia, it’s not just the men who pick fights with each other over their favorite sports team. The women have been taking up the mantle, and judging from videos posted on social media, they might have trained enough to take some men in a street fight.

These ‘Hooli-girls” of Russia have been filming training sessions as they prepare to brawl with English football (their football, our soccer) fans at the World Cup in June.

In the video, clocking at just under two minutes, two groups of seven females line up and charge at each other with fists flying. Before you start to think that this is just another strange workout fad, the fists come out, and the girls are vicious.

Last week, British media started reporting that thousands of Russian hooligans have been issuing death threats to English fans. Here’s the footage:

Videos of Female Hooligans On YouTube

Here are a few examples of the “hooli-girl” fights that have been uploaded to YouTube from Russian accounts. In most causes, the girls are only wearing clothes you’d expect for spring or autumn, not when there’s still snow on the ground. I’ll have to make the only rational guess and say that these girls are wearing beer jackets from enjoying some vodka before getting their best war faces on.

These girls represent two teams, Provincial Zenit and RWL Spartak.

Another video from 2015 shows girls from the Spartak group fighting with each other. Oddly, it looks like it’s autumn in the video but the girls are wearing heavier clothes in this brawl than the previous one.

And then, there are the comments on the videos from people looking for more footage and from big talking Englishmen:

I heard there was a big organized fight between Russian and Polish women groups and the Poles won big. Any video of that?

piss ants wont stand a chance against our british fans at the world cup tey can train as much as they like

2016 Origin: Russian Fans Brawl With English in France

With all this fighting and brawling from the eastern Europeans and the Russians, you have to wonder who you’d take a guess who would win in a fight. At least they’re fighting in and around sports arenas, but some peaceful English folk were caught in the crossfire according to one interview in 2016 showed Russian football fans being thrown out of France for fighting. In their defense, the Russian hooligans said that the English they fought were “little girls.”

Two England fans were left in comas and dozens more were hurt.

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Comments from this video include:

“Great going Russians, [giving] English fans a taste of their own medicine….”

“So, the Russians ran around looking for random England fans, you know, ordinary folk. Of course they couldn’t fight back, they weren’t English hooligans. Russian idiots.”

“english men become old, women and children when they met the Russians!”

“Lol French security says no arrests made because the Russian hooligans were organized and efficient. Translation: The French police were disorganized and inefficient.”

“england are still no.1 and the russsians don’t like it,they’ll never be remembered like the english,that’s why everyone want’s to fight them”

“We all know that Kazakhstan is the best country in the world . All other countries are run by little girls.”

Other Great Fighting Moments (in Conservative America)

At the end of December last year, one professor told his students that he wanted to fight Ben Shapiro, and the students responded by asking for the man to receive a promotion. Hey, I like Ben, but I don’t think he’s quite the type that could do much in a ring.

“Students have rallied around a University of California-Merced lecturer after his offer to participate in a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro came to light earlier this month, and are demanding that the university promote him to “Assistant Professor.””

Nobody ever wants to pick a fight with conservative Adam Carolla, a man who actually worked as a boxer and a boxing coach before being discovered for radio.

Recently, left wingers with Antifa have announced that they would be undergoing training and conditioning in order to better take on the right wingers that they pick fights with at freedom of speech events.

Sources: The Sun

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