Veterans PRAISE Trump For Recent Military Action

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Ever since President Trump began running for President he made it clear that veterans issues would be priority issues. At his inauguration, hundreds of veterans and numerous veterans organizations walked in the processional. In the past few weeks veterans and the military have been hot topic issues since the President dropped missiles on Syria following a heinous chemical weapons attack. Now veterans are coming out in droves to support President Trump.

One of those supporters is retired Marine Staff Sergeant Johnny “Joey” Jones. Jones used to be a bomb technician who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan during the war. During a mission, he lost both of his legs. On Friday he appeared on Fox News to explain that he felt his destiny would have been different had President Trump been in power while he was serving and to praise Trump’s actions dropping missiles in Syria.

He posted the following to Twitter,

Jones went into detail about the fateful day he lost both his legs explaining,

“We made the decision to go into that town after it was vacated by civilians, and mostly enemy and render safe IEDs in order to neutralize that. And we recommended to our superiors that we could drop bombs strategically or use ordnance even artillery to neutralize that threat but at the time, you know that headline, ‘U.S. drops bombs,’ or ‘U.S. fires artillery’ just wasn’t worth it.

I guess risking us was, that’s how I feel, that’s how we felt then, I believe that this action with the MOAB, I think is a pretty strong statement. Y’know the MOAB is a statement bomb, in my opinion, in this case, and it says that we’re going to do what we need to, and we’re going to keep our guys and gals safe.”

Well, we were allowed to kind of request a list of recommendations prior to us going in on foot and doing this by hand. None of them were approved until later on, actually until after I was injured and another person was killed, another Marine was killed.”

The retired marine emphasized the importance of Trump’s statement. Jones argued that Trump’s actions showed he had confidence and trust in the United States military by having them drop the MOAB. He said,

“They landed on this piece of ordnance, something that we know would create headlines as the best way to operationally and tactically neutralize this threat, shows us that those perceptions or those considerations that perhaps were plaguing us in years past don’t take precedent today, and if this is an administration that is allowing that, then I applaud them.”

Another veteran spoke out in support of the President’s foreign policy in Syria. After Senator Elizabeth Warren asked why the President dropped the bomb at a local town hall meeting another veteran perfectly shut her down. It was retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff and she said,

It is very telling that veterans are coming out in droves to protect the President. These are people who have dedicated their lives to studying war tactics. These are people who have signed a blank check to defend our freedoms. And the majority of them support the President’s foreign policy. It is because they understand what it takes to beet barbaric animals like terrorists who are a part of ISIS.

Their opinions should matter at the very least slightly more than that of random Hollywood celebrities and talk show hosts who have never had to be in the literal line of fire. The President has the support of the people who matter most… veterans.

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