Veteran Schools David Hogg After He Calls U.S. Troops Imperialists, MSNBC Analyst Gets Triggered

This kid got into Harvard how?

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Parkland student David Hogg is at it again, and this time it resulted in him being schooled by a US Army Veteran. Hogg recently tweeted that The United States Troops were Imperialists. The world of social media set him straight.

This kid got into Harvard how again?

Why do leftists always seem to think that it is necessary to trash out bravest, those who have secured their right to trash them?

Hogg tweeted: “Alexa, what does US military imperialism look like?” as he shared an article discussing the work our troops do in Africa. Yahoo News put together a list of three dozen such operations across the continent. The troops are not there to “Imperialize” as Hogg suggest, they are there HELPING the Africans fight terrorism.

So protecting civilians from terrorism and war is now imperialism?

It is important to note that David Hogg is getting into Harvard this year with sub-par SAT scores because of his political activism. His scores are much lower than even the median average.

These Americans are there to give support to  counter-terrorism training and operations.

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Hogg’s ridiculous tweet led to Sean Parnell, an Army veteran, as well as many more current military and veterans, to critique his comments in less than glowing terms.

Parnell snarked back: “Alexa, what does a beta male look like?”

Some former military just schooled David Hogg on the issue, and some snarked.

“I’m an ex-Marine 0311 Infantryman and I did a deployment to Spain, Italy and North Africa. All the US military is doing in the region is conducting operations against Al-Mulathameen, ISIS, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb and on and on. As well as training local military. Thats it”

“Alexa, how incompetent is David Hogg?” Hey dummy, if the United States armed forces, the greatest military force on the planet, did not exist, you would not be able to stay safe in your home to bitch about things you know nothing about on your smartphone. Grow up kiddo.

Of course, the whole interaction pushed the media to get really upset with Parnell for responding to Hogg’s ineptitude. Elise Jordan from MSNBC got all triggered, and then Parnell went on to Checkmate the chick.

I, myself of course had to weigh in as well:

Yahoo was very clear and this work in Africa has nothing to do with Imperialism. In fact, the United States has not done anything Imperialistic since the days of Steamboat Willie! LOL!

Used extensively across Africa, 127e programs can be run either by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), the secretive organization that controls the Navy’s SEAL Team 6, the Army’s Delta Force and other special mission units, or by “theater special operations forces.” These programs are “specifically designed for us to work with our host nation partners to develop small — anywhere between 80 and 120 personnel — counterterrorism forces that we’re partnered with,” said Bolduc. “They are specially selected partner-nation forces that go through extensive training, with the same equipment we have, to specifically go after counterterrorism targets, especially high-value targets.”

We are there, as we are all over the world, protecting innocents and making the world a safer place. Thes brave men and women are protecting freedom, the one David Hogg uses so freely to make a fool of himself…period.

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