Vandals Desecrate US Flag at Utah High School

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The timing of this flag incident happened right after the shooting in Parkland, Florida. If the FBI fumbles the ball on this one like they did the shooter in Florida, we’re all in trouble. Let’s hope the Hurricane PD and the FBI work quickly and efficiently on this one.

The Hurricane Police Department said someone took down the school’s American flag, replaced it with “what looked like” a flag used by the Islamic State group and spray-painted “ISIS IS COMI” on a school wall.

No arrests have been made.

Employees removed the graffiti and replaced the Islamic State flag with a new American flag.

The Hurricane Police Department enlisted the help of the FBI to help track down who is responsible for the vandalism. However, they determined members of the terrorist group were probably not responsible.

“[B]ased on information we received from the FBI, we do not believe this act was perpetrated by someone linked to the Islamic State. This investigation is ongoing and investigators will continue to follow-up on leads,” Hurricane Police said in a statement, as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune.

Hurricane police officer Ken Thompson said it was unclear how many people were involved with the vandalism.

He also said that authorities were reviewing surveillance footage to help identify the culprit or culprits.

Thompson also told KUTV that authorities did not know if a student or merely someone passing through switched the flags.


“Most likely, somebody else knows … other than just the person who did it. Officers have received tips … and they’re following those leads and so far they haven’t generated a credible lead but tips can help us out a lot,” he said.

Classes at the high school were held as normal.

“We do not believe there is a danger to students or teachers at the school. Hurricane Police Department has a full time School Resource Officer on site and additional officers will be present to ensure students and faculty feel safe,” Thompson said in a statement, according to the St. George News.

Hurricane police are asking anyone with information to please contact them.

The timing of this vandalism could not be worse, as the country is still reeling from the devastating loss of life that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on Wednesday.

IN OTHER NEWS….Speaking of ISIS…

Since Trump has been elected have you noticed the MSM has not really focused on ISIS at all? Probably because the so-called caliphate has been essentially decimated in less than a year. So the attention has shifted toward the Taliban in Afghanistan. There’s even a “new strategy” that includes a greatly stepped-up air campaign has been implemented to try and bring a victorious end to the 17-year-old conflict.


The air campaign or strategy may be having an effect already, as the Afghan Taliban — or Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as they like to call themselves — just released an open letter addressed to “The American people, officials of independent non-governmental organizations and the peace loving Congressmen,” which pleaded with them to pressure Trump into abruptly ending the protracted fight in the war-torn nation.

SERIOUSLY?! They must be mistaking President Trump for Obama.

Evidently, the letter laid out the reasons why, in the view of the Taliban, former President George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan in the first place — eliminating terrorists, restoring law and order and eradicating narcotics — and noted that none of those objectives had been achieved, despite great sacrifice of blood and treasure.

Indeed, it is estimated that the Taliban controls nearly half the country, that terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and now even the Islamic State group are still present, lawless corruption and violence still reign in many areas and poppy cultivation (which produces heroin and other opioids, from which the Taliban profits) is at unprecedented levels.

The letter noted that “3,546 American and foreign soldiers have been killed,” and tens of thousands more have been wounded physically and mentally at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, which they repeatedly pointed out was “collected from you as taxes and revenues.”

As to the new strategy of Trump in Afghanistan — which involves fewer restrictions on the U.S. military and a stepped-up air campaign specifically targeting revenue generation — the Taliban’s letter proclaimed, “If the policy of using force is exercised for a hundred more years and a hundred new strategies are adopted, the outcome of all of these will be the same as you have observed over the last six months following the initiation of Trump’s new strategy.”

Instead of continuing to duke it out for years on end, the Taliban is now begging the American people, non-governmental organizations and institutions and “peace-loving” members of Congress to somehow put a stop to Trump’s strategy and allow for peace talks to take place — a seemingly sure sign that the new strategy is having the desired effect.

How stupid do they think our Congress is? Does ISIS SERIOUSLY expect the Americans to just drop their air campaign and everything will go back to normal? Get real!

If ISIS REALLY wanted to end this war, they could have ended it long ago. That’s like the bad guys telling you to drop your guns first and the won’t shoot. What do they take us for, suckers? Are you really going to believe them?

Just because ISIS says they want to play nice now, doesn’t mean they are ready for peace. If that were true, what about the recent horrific attacks on Kabul? I suppose that was your peace flag waving? They are nowhere close to settling for peace.

Sounds like some of them may be willing to negotiate peace, but certainly not all of them. So until then….Trump is right to continue the air attack. America is back. President Trump is no Obama. So ISIS can DEAL with it!



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