VA Drives Quadruple Amputee Hero to Shoot Himself **BREAKING**

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The VA is a criminal organization.  What happened to this young Marine happens every day at the Veterans Administration and the “most transparent administration in history” does NOTHING about it.  Barack Obama cares more about bureaucrats than he does about veterans.

The young Marine at the center of this story is a quadruple amputee.  He stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and lost both legs one arm to the elbow and his hand to the wrist on the other arm.

When he returned home two organizations were there to help him.  The Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the Gary Sinise Foundation got together and built a home for him.

This Marine’s family and these privately funded foundations were there for him when he came home.  The VA?  You tell me.

I’ve redacted the name of this young Marine at the request of his mother.

Here’s the tweet that let the world know what had happened.

2 Warrior 1

This young man survived two tours in combat, survived stepping on an IED that left him permanently disabled only to come home and find that the VA is a bigger enemy to U.S. military veterans than the Taliban and ISIS combined.  They’re certainly responsible for more deaths of servicemen than the Islamic terrorists.

This Marine reached out to the VA for help.  He called their “crisis hotline” repeatedly and got a runaround.  He got upset and they told him to call back when he calmed down.  It probably never occurred to them that he was calling a “crisis hotline” and it’s their job to calm him down.

You can bet that no one in that call center will lose their job for their criminal treatment of this young Marine.  No one will probably even be spoken to harshly.  They’re the VA, they care about bonuses not veterans.

Fortunately, he survived his suicide attempt.  Twenty-two other veterans don’t survive theirs every day.

Hopefully he will get the care he needs to get back on track to a productive life.  He can do it. He’s got the mental toughness to make it.  He just needs some help.  The question is, will the VA provide it or will they continue to ignore the needs of this young man and tens of thousands of others like him?

As a side note, far left economist and columnist for the New York Times, Paul Krugman, defended the VA as a model of socialized medicine before the Obama administration got hold of it.

The Office of Inspector General reported last year that over 300,000 veterans eligible for care from the VA died while on a waiting list to enroll or to be seen.  That’s 35% of all eligible veterans.

So far not one Veterans Administration employee has been fired for this and not one has been prosecuted for criminal negligence.

The situation is so bad that here at the Phoenix VA Hospital where the “appointment scandal” was first exposed, the then Director, Sharon Helman, was finally fired for taking $50,000 in gifts.  She was never charged with anything for setting up a system that falsely reported appointment wait times so she could get nearly $10,000 in bonuses.

She pled guilty to filing a false disclosure and could have received up to five years in prison but she was given probation.  Not one day behind bars.

Helman should have been charged with criminal negligent homicide.

With respect to this young Marine, our prayers are with him for a full recovery and all the help he needs to fully recover.

Semper Fi!

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