VA Dem Ibraheem Samirah Apologizes For Saying Giving Money To Israel Is Worse Than The KKK

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Things have gone from really bad in Democratic Virginia politics, to even worse. Virginia Democrat Ibraheem Samirah is now apologizing for anti-Semitic posts and saying he’s sorry. He has an awful lot to be sorry for and I don’t think anyone is going to buy that he really means that.

Samirah is the Democratic nominee in Virginia’s 86th district House of Delegates election on February 19th. He issued a statement yesterday officially apologizing for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic social media posts that were published Thursday by Big League Politics. That blog has done tremendous journalistic investigations in Virginia over the last few weeks much to the embarrassment of the mainstream media and the horror of the Democratic Party.

Samirah is a Muslim-American who was born to Palestinian refugees. He’s an anchor baby. He actually said that giving money to Israel is worse than giving money to the Ku Klux Klan and wished for the late Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon to “burn,” in addition to other hateful screeds.

“This slander campaign is using my 5-year old Facebook posts from my impassioned college days, posts that upon reflection and with the blessing of time, I sincerely regret and apologize for. I am so sorry that my ill-chosen words added to the pain of the Jewish community and I seek your understanding and compassion as I prove to you our common humanity,” Samirah said. Not anywhere near good enough in my book.

Samirah is running against Republican Air Force veteran Gregg Nelson. He doesn’t believe any of the backtrackings that are coming from Samirah:

“The recent timeline of racially insensitive remarks and actions made by Virginia Democrats has taken our Commonwealth by storm. Shortly following the news of the failed HB 2491, news broke that Governor Northam wore ‘blackface’. Then Mark Herring admitted doing the same. All the while numerous alleged sexual assault allegations started piling up against Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax. There is no doubt about the turmoil at the top of the ticket,” Nelson said in response.

“The metaphorical domino has since fallen here into our Special Election in District 86. Democrat nominee, Ibraheem Samirah, was quoted in a 2014 Facebook post stating that funding Israel is “worse” than sending money to the KKK. Taking from the playbook of his statewide elected idols, Samirah blamed his “impassioned” college days for his actions. This is simply inexcusable on all levels. Racism has no place in our Commonwealth. Especially from individuals in office or seeking office,” Nelson stated.

Big League Politics reported:

“Ibraheem Samirah is the Democratic nominee for Virginia House of Delegates in the 86th District. His election takes place later this month, on February 19th. Samirah is up against U.S. Airforce veteran Gregg Nelson in the special election.

“Samirah is also a rabid Israel hater who speaks of the “Israeli occupation” and recently vowed to “avenge” the deaths of Egyptian protesters, according to his own social media posts, which have been provided to Big League Politics.”

This revelation surfaces as the three top politicians in the state (all Democrats) are embroiled in scandal. Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring are accused of posing in the past in blackface and of being racist. Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is being accused of sexual assault by two women. Now, this. Perhaps Virginia should have a long look at the Democratic Party.

Samirah supports the BDS movement and has been virulently anti-Semitic in his leanings. In a post to Facebook that was later deleted, Ibraheem Samirah told former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon to burn in Hell after Sharon died. “Ariel Sharon, burn. Burn a million times for every innocent soul you killed. Hell is excited to have you,” Samirah said.

Samirah also said that sending money to Israel is “worse” than sending money to the Ku Klux Klan. He has also made vicious comments about Israeli teenagers previously.

“This begs me to ask the question: What does my family have to do with a Holocaust that occurred thousands of miles away and henceforth, why does my family have to lose their property rights because of its occurrence? The documentation my grandfather holds is valid in the international courts at the Hague, but Israel does not recognize them nor most international law for that matter,” Samirah wrote in 2014. “Theres a huge need, within Israel, to cover up its illegal occupation and crimes, hence why its being sanctioned by the world through the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, a hot and coming movement thats been on the rise for 10 years now. This is all not irrelevant!”

“I do not know what other message God is sending me other than that I am not dead because I am to avenge for the murders of innocent protesters not just in Egypt, but in the entire world,” Samirah said, referring to anti-Sisi Egyptian protesters.

Simply apologizing for such hatred towards Israel and Jews does not exonerate Samirah. He is yet one more symptom of the bigotry in the Democratic Party. It isn’t the right that the state needs to worry about, it’s the left who have always been the problem there.

Source: Big League Politics

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