Does Utah Want a Conservative For Senator or Mitt Romney

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Nobody asked for this, but Mitt Romney is once again throwing his hat into the political ring.

The candidate who flubbed his opportunity to unseat Barack Obama has gathered his last remaining support in an attempt to be the next Senator from Utah, but before he gets to the ballot in November he has to fight for the approval of his own party. And the state Republicans aren’t interested.

Romney wants to earn the GOP nomination so that he can be named on the ballot as a potential successor to Sen. Orrin Hatch, who announced at the start of the year that he would not be returning to politics. After winning his first election to the Senate in 1976, Hatch made a failed bid to be the Republican nominee for President in 2000. In 2007, he was announced to have been the longest-serving federal Senator in Utah’s history after picking up degrees from Brigham Young and the University of Pittsburgh.

Romney: Utah Is Great, So Let Me Into The Senate Now Please

In a two minute campaign video posted below, Romney reminds us of his accomplishments. But, he mostly focuses on how Utahans are smart and should be telling the feds what to do, not the other way around. Oh yeah, and he rounded up lots of volunteers for the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

But, he hits some low points in his speech, including that Americans should be nicer to those poor immigrants.

In his statement, Romney says that he wants to bring Utah values to Washington. Unfortunately whoever is writing his speeches and commercials doesn’t have a single good word to say about Romney as a politician. His resume is that he has a wonderful family and lives in a good state. No policy, no plans. The video could’ve been spoken by anyone.

And it looks like the Republicans running the show in Utah agree.

Utah GOP Chair: I Don’t Want Mitt

Speaking with local media, the Party Chairman for the Utah Republican Party called Romney a “carpetbagger.” Rob Anderson was contacted for his opinion when the rumor of a run started earlier this week, and he told The Salt Lake Tribune:

“[Romney is] keeping out candidates that I think would be a better fit for Utah because, let’s face it, Mitt Romney doesn’t live here, his kids weren’t born here, he doesn’t shop here.”

Romney was born in Michigan and faced criticism over the years for deferring his military draft for the Vietnam War, claiming status as a student and then as a missionary in France with the Mormon church.

Rob Anderson, Chair of the Utah GOP

Anderson later apologized for his comments which he said “came across as disparaging or unsupportive,” saying that it was “never [his] intent.”

The Case Against Mitt

Romney is set to give a speech to the Utah County Republican Party this evening.

No doubt the venue will be crawling with media asking about his Senate run, but there’s only one good question worth answering: What about Trump?

Break up with your partner in a public place to prevent them from making a scene.

In the past, Romney has been very critical of Trump, calling him a phony and a fraud as well as a misogynist and a bully who is threatening the future of America. This being spring of 2016, Trump spent only a bit of time on his next campaign stop attacking Romney for his comment.

Romney dropped some real doozies:

“Dishonesty is Trump’s hallmark: He claimed that he had spoken clearly and boldly against going into Iraq. Wrong, he spoke in favor of invading Iraq. He said he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11. Wrong, he saw no such thing. He imagined it. His is not the temperament of a stable, thoughtful leader.”

“Donald Trump tells us that he is very, very smart. I’m afraid that when it comes to foreign policy he is very, very not smart.”

“Mr. Trump… creates scapegoats of Muslims and Mexican immigrants…. He cheers assaults on protesters.”

Later, Romney was brought to heel by Trump and has been discarded ever since. If Donald appreciates anything, it’s loyal, and Romney will never be loyal to the Trump administration. How can Romney win the confidence of Utah voters when he’s already lashed out at the man he’ll have to work under?

Just What We Need: More Losers Running For Office

Here’s the two minute announcement video posted by Romney on his Twitter account this morning. Romney’s team had previously posted that there would be making an announcement on February 15th, but on Valentine’s Day the account posted two tweets saying that out of respect for the “victims [and] families” of the massacre in Parkland, Florida, Romney would be pushing the release date for his announcement to today, February 16th.

Good luck digging yourself out of this one, Mittens.

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