USA Gives $8 Billion Every Year to Israel-Hating United Nations

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The United States supports Israel while simultaneously paying for 22% of the United Nation’s budget. Something’s got to give.

Since the March of Return started on Passover this year, the United Nations has tried to pin the deaths of Palestinian protesters on Israelis, and now the UN’s human rights chief is calling the border defense in the last few weeks a “wholly disproportionate” response.

Read more on the money that the United States pays into the UN, with a bonus quote given by Joe Biden 18 years ago on the need to hand over at least half a billion to the United Nations to apologize for cutting their budget.

The look of a man who won the Oval Office with his own money by appealing directly to the voters and not the GOP kingmakers, about to tell the United Nations to respect the people who pay their bills.

In the last few weeks, Israelis have warned again and again that they would use live ammunition against rioters along the Gaza border.

And so, tens of thousands of Palestinians attacked the border fence, set fire to pipeline, destroyed infrastructure and even developed “fire kites” in an attempt to set fire to Israeli lands all while pretending that they are the innocent ones and it’s the Israelis who are aggressing. 

Deaths Rise With Opening of Jerusalem Embassy

On Monday, Trump held true to his promise — one that has been in the works since the 1990s but ignored by the last four Presidents — to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the capital of Jerusalem.

With Ivanka in attendance at the Embassy, Palestinians rioted at the border at several locations and several dozen were killed attempting to break the border wall.

Earlier this week, Israel announced that they would allow eight trucks filled with medical aid to be brought into Gaza. But, when Hamas found out that two of the trucks were provided by Israel, they turned back the basic supplies at the border while emergency room doctors told media that they’re running dangerously low on what they need to treat patients.

United Nations: Blame Israel

After the first wave of riots on Passover (because if you’re going to attack a neighbor, you do it on one of their holidays), the United Nations Security Council whose member countries include Kuwait, which refuses to allow Israeli passport holders to enter their own territory, cried that the Israelis should be investigated for the attacks on them.

When it came to a vote, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley vetoed the investigation.

NEW: UN Human Rights Council Complains

A “special” session of the Human Rights arm of the UN was called this week to cry crocodile tears of the Palestinians, saying that with the alleged deaths of 100 people in the last six weeks, that Israel is breaking a Geneva Convention.

According to the Jordanian Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the current High Commissioner for Human Rights:

“…killing resulting from the unlawful use of force by an occupying power may also constitute willful killings, a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The stark contrast in casualties on both sides is … suggestive of a wholly disproportionate response”

Hey, it’s not Israel’s fault that they have well trained troops who were ordered to shoot people who were throwing burning tires at them.

United Nations Relies on US Money

There are two budgets under the United Nations, the general public, and the peacekeeping budget. Countries are charged for membership, but the United States pays a disproportionate amount.

General Budget

The minimum budget assessment required to be handed over to the United Nations from member countries is 0.001%. In 2015, 35 member nations were charged that minimum of only $28,269 each in order to maintain membership.

Peacekeeping Budget

The minimum budget assessment required to be handed over to the United Nations from member countries is 0.0001%. In 2015, 20 member nations were charged that minimum of only $8,470 each in order to maintain membership.

United States Pays Most

Right now, the US followed by Japan pay the most into the United Nations.

In the year 2000, America was considered to have $1.3 billion in debt to the United Nations for not paying their “fair share” after the US government declared a budget cut to the main UN budget for 2001.

Joe Biden, then an unknown Senator from Delware, said that he wanted to work on getting his fellow lawmakers to fix the UN legislation and to dutifully write a check for $582 million for the UN’s peacekeeping budget. At the time, Biden said he hoped it wouldn’t cause a fight to send over half a billion the UN:

“It’s a great deal. America wins. … Our standing in the United Nations is improving because of this and our financial obligation is decreasing. That’s a win.”

In 2003, Japan announced that they would no longer be paying $1 billion every year to the United Nations. At the time, the country was covering 19.5% of the UN’s budget and the US was covering 30%.


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