The United States Military Should Not Be Used For Social Experiments

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When someone is confused about what’s in their pants, they don’t need to be in the military.

Trump has announced that he has officially authorized the Pentagon to ban transgender people from joining the military, with a few limited exceptions. This follows up on a pledge Trump made last year.

This is part of a memo released from the White House last night:

“…policies set forth by the Secretary of Defense state that transgender persons with a history of diagnosis of gender dysphoria — individuals who the policies state may require substantial medical treatment, including medications and surgery — are disqualified from military service except under certain limited circumstances.”

Capt. Peace was born male and now identifies as a transgender female.

Here’s What Trump Has To Say

As usual Trump went to Twitter to announce his new policy decision:

Nothing in Trump’s decision, or the decisions made by the people in the Pentagon has anything to do with hating LGBTQ people. It’s just plain common sense. Having special needs in the military is not conducive to victory.

Center for Military Readiness Agrees

The CMR has been logging Trump’s promises about transgender people in the military and they point out that transgenders will be considered “non-deployables” just like pregnant female soldiers.

They also correctly point out that the implementation of the pro-transgender guidelines was originally forced by four federal district judges who have no jurisdiction to force the Armed Forces to do anything.

Compassion for Transgender People

How should a conservative person who believes that transgenderism is a psychological issue treat the people suffering?

Dr. Paul R. McHugh of John Hopkins has been open in the media about his belief that transgenderism is in fact a “mental disorder,” one that cannot be treated with surgery. Similarly, a person with anorexia isn’t helped by maintaining a low weight. There are some times when changing the outer appearance can help a person, for instance by using drugs to treat a person with eczema or very bad acne to help them feel less self conscious.

Dr. McHugh has gone on record to say that gender re-assignment is “biologically impossible.” 

But, all this has caused the doctor to be denounced by his previous associates. It’s clear now that anything less than full acceptance and support of surgically altering genitalia along with a cocktail of hormone therapies and switching pronouns is violence against transgender people. Even if someone barely looks like the gender they identify as, you can lose your job by accidentally calling them by the wrong name.

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So how do we exercise compassion? Ben Shapiro has offered at least one answer: While he disagrees with transgenderism overall, he will use whatever names and pronouns as he sees fit in public. If he is meeting a transgender woman (born male) for dinner, he will refer to this person as “she” and “her” to avoid the confusion of the hostess bringing him to the table. But, on his personal website he will not use pronouns but only after explaining that the female-appearing person he is writing about is, in fact, male.

Armed Forces Already Strict On Medical

I’ll call you whatever you want, but this doesn’t change the fact that transgender people ought to be excluded from the military on the basis that every other teeny tiny medical condition is already banned.

If you have bad acne, a funny shaped head, poor eyesight or even an un-descended testicle or bad period cramps, you will not be allowed to participate in active duty.

Compassion Is Preventing Unwell People From PTSD and Harm

Photographs of Civil War veterans missing limbs and case studied from the first and second World War paint a sad view: Military service is unglamorous. Transgender people have trouble with the body they already have. Putting them in combat situations where even the most level-headed guy can lose his cool is not compassionate, and it’s profoundly unfair to the other men in the same situation. It’s impossible to guess who will develop PTSD or insomnia from service when you brothers all day and you alone survive.

Transgender people can’t cope with being called Michael when their new name is Michelle. They’re not strong enough to risk becoming a burden on the others. It’s not fair, but nobody said it would be.

Lady Gaga recently tried to snap back at Donald Trump for his reasons to keep transgender people out of active service. Unfortunately, her fact-based tweet about the suicide rates of transgender people is more on Trump’s side than not. Keeping these unwell people from a high stress environment really is not only compassionate but just good policy.

Sources: Fox News, Twitter, Center for Military Readiness, Daily Wire

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