Gun-Grabbers Want to Police Thought – Not Actual Crime

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The anti-Second Amendment leftists, gun-grabbers unhappy with their progress in disarming America are now going after our First Amendment rights as well.

Apparently they’re unaware one of the critical reasons for the Right to Bear Arms is to prevent fascists from taking away the rest of our Rights – including Free Speech.

ted_nugent_2_t940Ted Nugent is a favorite target of the gun-grabbers and if you listen to Ted for more than five minutes – you know it’s vice-versa.

The “Cat Scratch Fever” rocker and outspoken gun-rights advocate has been booked (again) to play the “Northwest Ohio Rib-Off” in – you guessed it – Ohio.

This has the panties of Josh Horowitz  – Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence – in a bunch. He and his band of pajama wearers are calling for the banning of Nugent – and of course fundraising is in full gear.

Thing is, the Rib-off / music festival is kinda booked and ready-to-go already and even though the guy who booked Nugent pretty much is disgusted by conservative, pro-Constitution, Bible and gun clinging Americans – Nuge sells tickets and we all know that money trumps ideology when it comes to politics.

joshHorowitz and his “Coalition” to confiscate your guns is loudly screaming for the un-booking of Nugent because; “.. nothing goes worse with good food that the virulently racist rhetoric of a man who has no regard for the dignity or rights of others..”

I’m not going to spend a lot of time psycho-analyzing a lefty like Josh, but this is a guy who has dedicated his life and makes a living trying to deny people their rights. He says things like; “The Second Amendment is Unconstitutional”…

… Yes, and the moon is non-lunar. Josh should know – that’s where he’s from.

But on to the free speech thing: It’s well within the right of The Toledo Blade and it’s Sales Director Mike Mori (Event Director of the Rib-off) to cancel Ted Nugent’s appearance or not book him in the first place if they find him offensive. The Nuge has a contract that makes them pay him no matter if he plays or not – even if it rains – but that’s not the point here.

When confronted by Media Matters with the protestations from Horowitz, Mr. Mori began equivocating and babbling politically-correct rhetoric, but said he’s not willing to cancel The Motor City Madman. Listen to this drivel:

Hat Tip

Mori confessed that he was “not a fan of the guy’s politics,” but added that he likes to invite headliners from across the music spectrum, paying them in excess of $50,000 and that once they’re booked he owes them the money no matter what, i.e. even if he were to cancel the act.
“I have to pay him that even if it rains,” Mori said. “I wish the guy would just not say the things he does, he brings a big audience, he’s from Michigan, he packs the place. If everyone hated him, nobody would come. He does have a following, it’s a tough situation. I try to have a diverse type of a line-up.”

We’ve all heard Uncle Ted spout off about Obama, liberals, drug-users, anti-Americans and assorted other folks he disagrees with, but this crap where liberal groups such as the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence and Josh Horowitz only want to police thought – not actual crime.

lil-wayne-chest-arm-tattoo18Case in point: Guess who’s coming to Ohio’s “Riverbend Music Center” August 15th? The famous and mega-popular music acts, “Lil Wayne” and “Drake.” A quick Google of Mr. Wayne reveals the following partial history:

  • felony possession of drugs in Idaho
  • gun charges in New York
  • arrest in Atlanta for drug possession
  • felony charges of being a fugitive

Huh. I’m not going to bother with Drake. Do it yourself.

Ted Nugent is being actively persecuted by Josh Horowitz for saying words, but actual crimes? My guess is Josh doesn’t raise a stink when criminals – even with gun crimes on their record – come to Ohio to entertain. But boy, call the President a bad name? You don’t deserve to make a living and while we’re at it – everyone who listens to Ted Nugent, off to the Gulag.

Meanwhile, the guy that Nuge apologized for calling a “subhuman mongrel” in the White House is importing hundreds of thousands of illegals with tuberculosis and hoof & mouth disease, sicking Federal Agencies on his political opponents, stealing our rights, forcing government health care against the people’s will and fiddling while our Veteran’s die waiting for phony appointments at the VA.

Obama wipes his ass with the Constitution everyday he’s in office.

Ted-NugentCan you imagine the Armageddon that would rein down if conservative groups tried to ban rappers from making a living based on what they say?

It would be deemed a hate crime. My God, the lyrics in rap music make Ted Nugent an angel. A rockin’ angel – biotches!

George W. Bush was called a “chimpanzee”; “Nazi” and far worse names and my guess is the Toledo Blade (hey sailors – ’bout time for a name change – don’t ya’ think?) boldly stood up for Free Speech in that case – but ‘ole Ted Nugent is only good if he brings in the cash, isn’t he?

You scumbag, intolerant, liberal hypocrites – get out of my Country.
Sick of you..



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