Untitled Elliot Rodger Rant: A little taste of the Bitch Juice

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babyElliot Rodger was more than confused about why women weren’t putting out.

He was evil, criminally insane and went on a killing spree – which causes liberals to go bug-eyed in their efforts to suppress law-abiding citizens.

Guns don’t kill people any more than short skirts commit rape you Trotsky wannabes, so get away from my property and lose the self-righteous act. We’re on to you.

The day a tragedy means our Rights go out with it is the day we start marching down to the gulag – and buddy – when I see you inside the barbwire, I’m going to kick your ass. Hard. Being cordial, understanding and empathetic about the mass murder of innocent young adults stops right at the point when the loons suggest it’s the fault of an inanimate object.

So here’s a little taste of the bitch juice:

The left is a bunch of whiny, intolerant, sanctimonious fascists when it comes to individual Rights and for sixty years we’ve been allowing these skinny little cowards to screw up nearly everything in life with their overpowering urge to tell everybody what they can say or do.

And what do we have to show for it?

You don’t want people of Faith to speak out on traditional marriage? Here’s the result: You can’t let your young kids sit in front of the television without them seeing two men – one of them a professional football player – kissing and smearing cake all over each other’s mouths like a couple amateur porn stars.

I can’t “force my morality” on you by wanting the media to stop sexualizing children? Flip it over to the music video channel and there’s Hanna Montana rubbing her crotch, “twerking” and sticking her tongue up somebody’s behind.

Conservatives are supposed to be accepting of other folks lifestyles – they’re lovely, tolerant and gentle people who only want to be free? In the meantime, over at the most wonderful daytime show in history, Oprah has a gay activist on giving advice on anal sex. This same friend of Oprah called Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia “a c**ksucker.”

We just celebrated Memorial Day – when we honor our fallen. The Heroes that put their lives on the line for our way of life. Something we should be doing every day, but Memorial Day is around to remind us that it’s the soldier, not the reporter, poet, campus organizer, lawyer – you know the rest. The soldier gave us this awesome liberty and pursuit of happiness.

As Jack says; “Freedom” has to be defended by walls and men to man the walls.”

A nice by-product of Memorial Day is the opportunity to get together with your family and do something – whatever it is. You don’t need a whole lot of money in America to do something cool with your family on Memorial Day, either. The fallen soldier gave their lives for your Rights as Americans and it manifests itself in barbecues, trips to State Parks, softball games, taking the boat to the lake, visiting the cemetery and yes having a blow out.

In a nutshell: You got a right to party and you don’t gotta fight for it.

This Memorial Day was darkened by the headlines out of Santa Barbara, California of a troubled young man – I call him a kid – he was 22-years-old. When I was that age, I was a kid and so were you probably. The details of why it happened you’ve heard a whole lotta false nonsense from the mainstream news. Save that.

I expect that from a media which is clearly playing for one side: The Democrats, President Obama and the Left’s agenda – including, in a big way – the push to eliminate your Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Their playbook is simple: Identify a crisis and then quickly label the mentally insane perpetrator as conservative, Republican, Tea Party, Pro-gun, extremist (or all of the above). They can then, with a big assist from their accomplices in the media, exploit the pain and grief of the victims to further restrict the Second Amendment Rights of lawful gun owners and all Americans.

When the Elliot Rodger mayhem ended, the leftists and their Fascist tactics were right on cue – first screaming how Rodger was a “gunman and shooter” and waging a War on Women using the misogyny taught to him by far-right conservatives, the Tea Party, Seth Rogan and wait – what?

Yeah, some idiot in the Washington Post blamed comedic Judd Apatow films and actors for the nut-job and his murder-spree. But I digress..

One of the fathers of the last victim, Richard Martinez, quickly emerged as the public face of gun-grabbers faster than you could say “Beer Hall Putsch.” Appearing at a news conference, he promptly blamed anti-gun control advocates and the NRA for his son’s death.

In other words, his solution to this problem is to take away my Right to protect my family.

Guess what? I’m sick and tired of these left-winger’s using people like Richard Martinez – a grieving father with a son not even in the ground as their hatchet to chop off my Right to keep my family above ground, should a nutcase like Elliot Rodger cross their path.

The fact is, Rodger stabbed three people, tried to murder dozens with his car and shot three more in a State where the most draconian gun laws have been instituted. So no one could defend themselves. Just stand there and take it, kids. Let this sick and twisted pervert mow you down, stab holes in your neck, blast your sister in the gut and just bleed out ’till the cops – then the coroner – gets there.

It wasn’t until a guy with a gun showed up that Elliot Rodger piss his panties and blew his own head off.

I just wish I could reanimate every one of those victims and ask if they would have liked to have a gun, or someone with a gun with them that day. And I’d love to take wagers with liberals on what their answer would be. For the people out there upset because I’m a blunt person – tough titties.

whiny liberal sloganWe live in a world where you lose your job by supporting an issue which Barack Obama campaigns on, but because the President flip-flops (I’m sorry, “evolves”) the next election – you’re forced to step down for agreeing with him initially?

Yes, that’s what happened to the CEO of Mozilla when ten years ago he donated to a traditional-family cause – something everyone from Obama to Hillary to the overwhelming majority of Americans agreed on – then had to step down recently because Obama changed his mind. This type of intimidation has the effect of shutting down all speech for fear of how it might affect you in the future. It’s fascist, plain and simple.

That’s the world we live in. Your Faith gets you demoted. Your associations get you audited. Your beliefs get you fired. Not everyone is in a position to risk stating their opinion in this job market, and that is exactly what the Alinsky playbook says: Instill fear.

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