UNREAL: Police Dash Cam Captures A Plane’s Emergency Landing On A Busy Washington Highway (VIDEO OF THE DAY)

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Straight out of Hollywood, a police dash cam caught a scene so unreal, the police officer did not believe his own eyes: There was a plane landing on a busy highway – AGAINST TRAFFIC! An on-duty cop was driving his squad car on a busy Spanaway, Washington highway when he spotted a large vehicle coming straight for him.

Racing toward him through the air was a single-prop KR2 plane.

scroll down for amazing video:

Patrolman Clint Thompson said he thought the airborne anomaly was a “remote-control plane” until it got closer and revealed itself as life-sized.

The officer turned around and followed, preserving for us all the aircraft’s absolutely incredible touchdown on that ubiquitous landing strip otherwise known as an American street.




The pilot was able to hit the brakes just in time for the red light.

Good thing — wouldn’t wanna get a ticket.

Enjoy the amazing video above and click below for more Airline mishaps

Throwing a Tantrum on an Airplane is Always a Bad Idea

Infants who cry on airplanes make better seatmates than adults who do the same thing.

Marissa Rundell, 19, was flying with Delta earlier this month on the short trip from JFK to Syracuse with her eight-month-old son, Mason. Flights take approximately 1 h 20 minutes, which is barely enough time to get a cup of coffee before you’re putting your seatbelt back on to land again.

Mason, being so young, started crying as other passengers began to settle in. It’s happened to all of us, and usually the parents are scrambling to entertain or sooth the child. But when one other passenger, a woman from Rochester, New York moved down the aisle, she was already hostile, swearing. “It’s bull***t having to sit in the back of the plane,” she allegedly said, slamming her bags down.

The woman, in green, has not been identified.

Rundell asked the woman if she could refrain from swearing around her son but was ignored as the woman kept up her string of complaints. Speaking with media, the young mother alleged that she:

“said again please watch your language and she told me to shut the f**k up and shove it. That’s when the flight attendant came over and asked what the problem was.”

So in steps Tabitha the flight attendant, and  is where Rundell starts recording the incident from her lap.

You can hear Rundell say that her son is “not going to cry the whole time,” and there is a demand from the woman for a new seat when the flight attendant asked her to sit down, and even offers her a seat on the next flight.

And here’s the line that’s causing everyone to cheer for the flight attendant and mercilessly scorn the woman in green. First, she asked for the flight attendant’s name, to which Tabitha complies and also gives her employee number, then:

“Thank you, Tabitha, you may not have a job tomorrow.”

Next thing you know, Tabitha says “I want this lady off the plane.”

The woman in green turns white, saying that she can’t get off the plane, and that she apologizes. Tabitha wasn’t having it, explaining to someone off camera that she was “screaming at the baby,” gesturing to Mason and Rundell.

“I’m sorry, I was really stressed out!” was the excuse.

In all of this, it’s important to remember that Mason wasn’t “crying or fussing at all,” and that it wasn’t even his first time on a plane. The video ends at this point, but reportedly the woman was kicked off the plane by one of the gate agents. Then, after ten minutes, she returned to the plane to grab her things and was again “swearing up a storm” saying that they’d all regret kicking her off.

Hey, lady. Airplanes aren’t the right place to make threats.

I do enjoy the “I’ll get you fired from your job!” threat, though. I’ve heard those threats before, and my employer would either laugh it off or make me fix the issue if I really was the one at fault. “You’ll lose your job” is such a power play for people with all the time in the world to complain, and they only ever do it to people they perceive to be below them, so I sympathize with Tabitha on this one.

Anyone can see that this baby is clearly going to ruin your day. The woman in green was right to go bonkers.

Rundell, who describes herself on her Facebook page as an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay posted a video of the incident on her social media. At the time of this writing, the video (below) has been viewed on Facebook over one million times, not counting that it has been reuploaded and reused by several different news outlets.

Comments left on the Facebook video are generally on the side of Rundell, with abuse directed at the other woman:

“Disgusting woman. She must not have children.”


“Being stressed out is no reason to be a b***h to everyone.”

In a positive light, one comment thanked Rundell for exposing the rough side of life for flight attendants.

Thank you for highlighting a few seconds of what flight attendants do right, all day, every day. Too often only the very rare negative event gets attention. And it’s usually taken out of context to only look negative when the reality is much different. Flight attendants work very hard to keep everyone comfortable and safe and enjoy doing it!


Sources: Facebook, Daily Mail

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