Unproductive And Overpaid Congressman Don’t Need Housing Allowance

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The well-paid men and women of Congress are the newest group looking for “affordable housing.” For themselves, paid by you.

Rep. Bennie Thompson from Mississippi has a plan to address the “prohibitive” housing costs for the poor, oppressed Congressmen who make a baseline salary of $174,000 every year.

In the modern economy it’s not strange for a skilled worker — and I mean construction and hands-on labor guys, not politicians — to pack up and move around to follow where the jobs are. In all my years around those fellas, there’s never been any complaint about wanting more money for housing as long as they could log their travel expenses.

But these are politicians. Most of them started in law offices, and most lawyers never hold a job before taking up with a firm. They’re not used to the way that the real world works.

No wonder Trump is threatening to shut them down, even with everything in the world, they’re still too slow to validate nominations and approve vital spending.

Previously: The Reps Who Sleep In Their Offices

Last week we reported on the Representatives willing to go on record admitting that they often sleep in their offices. Since Congress is equipped with a gym and laundry facilities, it’s easy for them to pull out a cot by their desk and be up early to jog, shower and chuck their items into a basket and be ready for work in the morning.

According to Rep. Thompson, who may be pushing this bill in order to get a higher payout, the IRS should be considering the office space beds as an “accrued benefit” and should be hit with extra taxes. It’s “public housing,” says Thompson, and he can understand the situation of the members because of the low, low annual pay of $193,400 granted to each elected member.

Thompson lives in an eighteen hundred dollar-per-month apartment while in the city.

As someone who works from home, I can attest to the convenience of being able to be at work within 10 seconds of rolling out of bed. But in this world of sexual harassment, is it really worth the hassle for male lawmakers to make overnight arrangements for themselves when they’re essentially in a powerhouse dorm?

And how do we know they’re not using the situation to take George Costanza powernaps through the afternoon?

Rep. Bennie Thompson

Born in Mississippi, Thompson holds degrees in political science and educational administration and was involved in local politics as the mayor of Bolton before taking on more roles and make it to Congress, where he has been since 1993. Thompson is a Democrat and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

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Cost To Live in DC

The average monthly rent for a study apartment in Washington — that is, an apartment with one main room that acts as bedroom, living room and kitchen in one with an additional bathroom is just over $1590. That’s down 3% from last year, but it’s still not much of a trend to look forward to.

DC has an estimated homeless population of over 6,900 people, and the city spends $80,000 every night to house 600 families in hotels.

Rep. Thompson wants the taxpayers to consider paying to refurbish a government-owned two-story building to be converted into a dormitory for Congressmen. It was originally a dormitory for nurses, and it’s now part of a fancy community filled with classy townhouses.

It’s rough enough to live next to a party school with students in dorms. Imagine the constant press agents and noise you’d get if you had a whole building full of politicians.

The property is still owned by the government and has more recently been used as a housing solution for the House pages. The House page program was shut down after Rep. Mark Foley, a Republican from Florida resigned after sending disgraceful messages to some of the former male pages.

Use The Dorm?

Speaking recently with media, Thompson said of the dorm:

“I think that building should be available to members of Congress who have found housing costs to be prohibitive. It can be the affordable-housing-availability option.”

Perhaps Thompson believes that he should simply be given a better paycheck. Good luck trying that out with any other job — dear Sirs, I would like a free dormitory, because I am upset at the predicable housing cost involved with this job, which I have already spent years preparing to take on.

Oh, please. If it’s too pricey for you in Washington, then buy cheaper suits and stop going out to dinner. That’s how everyone else in the world deals with the cost of living.

Source: Fox News

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