University Tells California Students To Call 911 Over Their “Hurt Feelings”

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Snowflakes. That’s what an unknown author – could have been Mark Styne – called college students. We have raised a generation of people who are not able to deal with being challenged to think about anything. They go off to college, where they’re supposed to hone reasoning skills among other things, and academia imposes a culture of victimization on them and parents haven’t bothered to give their little snowflakes a foundation of morality, values or rational thought, so they’re easy pickings for the professional Left .

Students at Santa Clara University are supposed to call to report any and all “bias incidents” to 911.

“If the bias incident is in progress or just occurred: ALWAYS CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY,” the university website states.

You read that right. Call the cops. Not the college’s version of the Keystone Cops, the real cops. And what are they reporting?

The university defines a “bias incident” as “a speech, act, or harassing action that targets, threatens, or attacks an individual or group because of their actual or perceived race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sex, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation.”

Note that those definitions are broad enough to encompass about anything. I’m pretty sure if a snowflake overheard me commenting that folks who claim to be “transgendered” have a mental illness I’d be arrested and hauled off to a reeducation camp.

The university claims that bias incidents are prohibited under Section 10 of the Student Conduct Code, which prohibits (in part) “degrading language or actions” and “any practice by a group or individual that degrades a student or employee.”

The reporting mechanism is set up as a courtesy for leftist students to report the few conservative professors left on the campus. I can guarantee you, that if a conservative student calls 911 or reports a “bias incident” through the anonymous website the University has set up, all you’ll hear are crickets.


As a side note, the parents of the little snowflakes attending Santa Clara University are paying about $64,000 a year to have their hurt feelings protected by Santa Clara’s cops.

I wonder if the SCPD will set up a Tactical Bias Response Unit? Instead of an MRAP with cops armed with M4s and body armor they could send an RV with fainting couches and female cops with Kleenex. The RV could be running endless loops of puppies playing and the snowflakes could be provided PlayDoh to work off their angst.

We’re doomed.

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