University of Wisconsin Proposes Keeping Students Ignorant of History and English

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The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point is discussing removing English, philosophy, history and Spanish from their course offerings.

Despite the fact that these departments offer enticing courses on Women’s Issues in Islam and the like, the campus — one of 11 University of Wisconsin campuses — says that they want to focus instead on the programs that have ‘clear career pathways.’

The school is considering a proposal that is prompting backlash from students who plan to sit-in at the administration building to protest the change. The administration, in turn, is pushing the idea because they have to do something to address their multi-million dollar deficit.

In a statement, the school said they plan on investing in ‘career’ programs by cutting what they perceive to be less valuable programs, “primarily in the traditional humanities and social sciences.”

Or, or! You could get rid of the silly programs and concentrate honestly on the humanities. Require students to learn Greek or Latin, and maybe even offer a course that examines the profound impact of The Bible on English literature. We live in an age where most college students don’t understand idioms like ‘The writing on the wall.’ Become the one school in the entire country that treats the humanities with respect, and you won’t have to throw the department out the window.

Same College: 2015 Study on ‘Gaydar’

Have you heard of the ‘gaydar,’ the internal radar that can pick out a gay person just by looking at them?

A 2015 study at the University of Wisconsin determined that the gaydar is in fact not real. The study was published in the Journal of Sex Research with lead author and assistant scientist at the Department of Psychology William Cox. Prof. Cox wanted to study the gaydar “in order to dispel the stereotype that some people might have a gaydar and thus can determine who is gay and who isn’t.”

In the press release accompanying the publication, Cox said:

“Most people think of stereotyping as inappropriate. But if you’re not calling it ‘stereotyping,’ if you’re giving it this other label and camouflaging it as ‘gaydar,’ it appears to be more socially and personally acceptable.”

Only in academia can it be considered terrible to have a really keen eye for detecting gay people. Only in academia do they think that this is worth studying.

Same College, Different Campus

Last year, a freedom-oriented group went around one campus asking questions to assess students’ beliefs on religious views, be they Christian or Muslim.

“So let’s say you’re a Christian photographer here in Madison and someone approached you to do a same-sex wedding. Would that be hateful or discriminatory to opt out of that?”

Hilarity ensues.

Myth: The Unemployed Philosopher

There’s a popular joke that the silliest sounding degrees are the ones that are most likely to land you working at McDonalds, but it’s misplaced.

At Stevens Point, the school wants to dump useless majors and focus on the ones that “have demonstrated value and demand in the region.” Alright, then get rid of the jazz program!

Philosophy majors earn the second highest LSAT scores only behind physics/math students. As well, philosophy majors have the highest percentile chance of being accepted into med school. Fifty percent of applying philosophers are accepted compared to only 43% of biochemistry majors.

In and of itself, the humanities are not a track to employment but the skills developed in the courses — assuming that your college isn’t garbage! — will take you where you want to go.

What’s So Awful About The English Department?

In English, you’re expected to take British literature, American literature, a half-credit in ethnic literature, and there are upper year courses in editing, dramatic literature, business writing, novel composition and contemporary poetry. Nothing strange there.

‘History Major with a Concentration in Race and Ethnicity’

Even though they’re on the chopping block, it looks like the History Department is alive and kicking with postmodernism.

According to the website, a student can concentrate in ‘Race and Ethnicity’ in order to work on “the experiences and influences of racial and ethnic groups in the US.” Here are some of the course titles associated with this degree:

  • Peace and Nonviolence in the Twentieth Century
  • Latino American History
  • Women in American History (editor – women aren’t a race!)
  • Slavery in the Americas
  • Urban Geography
  • Islam (editor – Islam isn’t a race!)
  • Sexuality in American History (editor – sexuality isn’t a race!)
  • Women’s Issues in the Muslim World (editor – Women aren’t a race! Islam isn’t a race!)

You know what? I agree. Shut down the history department, it’s worthless.

Sources: University of Wisconsin Stevens Point,  Journal of Economic Education, Belmont University, The Hill

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