University Employees Union Wants “Hurt Feelings” to be “Grievable”

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One of the “new” words in UniversityLand is “microagression.”  It’s a creation of the Grievance Community – that would be everybody but white males – to make sure their feeling don’t get hurt.  We featured the Oberlin College Choir singing a song they wrote and it’s a classic.

Today’s story features the University of Washington’s graduate student union and their negotiations with the administration.  A key point in their contract is that a union member should be able to file a grievance over “hurt feelings.”

The union leading the charge for the students is the UAW.

If you don’t know what a microagression is, here are the Asian students at the University of Washington covering THEIR microagressions.  Remember as you’re listening, this stuff will get you in deep, deep trouble in pretty much any college in the land.

If you’re an out of state student at UoW you’re forking over about $50,000 per year to be exposed to this crap.

How far is the UAW taking this fight for the students?

Recognizing microaggressions as grievable represents “the next level of discourse in this country around racism, sexism, and homophobia,” and will advance the cause of “a more inclusive campus for all academic student employees,” the spokeswoman said.


The tentative contract also pledges the university to meet three times a year to “discuss the joint goal of eliminating micro-aggressions and developing trainings for ASEs, faculty, and departments.”

This is the first union contract for student workers that addresses the pressing issue of microagressions, but it’s certainly not the first time it’s been addressed at the university level in contract talks.

The California Faculty Association, which represents California State University professors and lecturers, sponsored a workshopon “unconscious bias” that was pitched as helping members become more “aware of unconscious biases, preferences, and micro-aggressions.”

Addressing these problems will “foster a CSU environment wherein we can recruit and retain a more diverse faculty workforce and decrease workplace toxicity,” the workshop description read.

The really scary part of all this is that if you ask university administrators across the land what their mission is they’ll tell you something along the lines of “educating tomorrow’s leaders.”  If that’s the case, the nation is doomed.

We’re pretty sure if one of these little snowflakes met our retired Marine son, currently climbing a corporate ladder in his third professional job, degree in Accounting, they’d likely wet their pants and pass out.  He’s still got his M240G machine qualification and special ops team lead position on his resume.

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