Universities Work to Purge Male Students of Their “Toxic” Masculinity [VIDEO]

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If you’re not familiar with what’s going on at universities around the nation you need to check in with The College Fix from time to time. They are out there on the front lines and you won’t believe the war that is being fought on a daily basis with your tax dollars.

Universities are run by people who represent the farthest-left segment in America. University professors and university administrators are the only groups of people left alive who think Communism is a good idea. Unlike previous generations of professors and administrators, those who are running things today are going far beyond simply promoting the economic and social theories that have driven every Communist country into the ground.

Professors and administrators have switched into full cultural attack mode and are going after the values that built America into the greatest nation on earth.

Their latest attack is on “masculinity.” It’s virtually against the law – campus law – to be a young man on campus today. The left equates masculinity with sexual violence and acts of domestic terrorism and that’s just for starters.

Universities aren’t simply offering classes that downgrade and attack masculinity, they’re cementing the attack into university culture. Gettysburg College required male students to watch a documentary that stated, among other things, “the three most destructive words a boy can hear growing up is “be a man.”

University culture is now attacking every aspect of manhood. Even when they have to make up stories to do it.

You can look back to the Duke University lacrosse team accusations where the lacrosse team was accused of raping a stripper. The coach was fired, the team was just about disbanded, and the Duke administration and faculty went into full attack mode against lacrosse players.

When it turned out the stripper had made up the story and the University administration and local prosecutor had simply run with it without any proof, everything fell apart. The Attorney General stepped in and declared the young man to be innocent of all charges in the local prosecutor was disbarred for his part in the farce.

On the Duke campus the lacrosse players sued and while the settlement was never made public it’s rumored to be in excess of $60 million. The faculty that were involved in their unwarranted attacks were not disciplined or even rebuked. In the University culture those faculty members are folk heroes.

There has been case after case similar to this where University culture has gone after young men only to discover that the charges they were pursuing were based on lies.

Will this change? Only if taxpayers get involved and demand that their legislators overhaul college and university administrations that develop and promote this culture.

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