Universal Studios Florida REFUSES Entry to Former LEO Because of ‘Retired Police Officer’ Shirt

“And she says you can’t come in here with anything that says ‘police officer’ on it.”

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Universal Studios Florida is in hot water after they refused entry to retired Officer Vincent Champion because he was wearing a ‘Retired Police Officer’ shirt. Blue Lives Matter reported that the incident occurred as he and his girlfriend were headed into the theme park to meet up with some other couples for Halloween Horror Nights. As they approached the park entrance, as woman behind the security counter says ‘do you have another shirt?’

“I walk up to the line wearing a retired law enforcement officer shirt,” Champion explained to Blue Lives Matter afterward. “I start emptying out all my pockets and as I’m about to walk through, the girl behind the security counter says ‘do you have another shirt?'”

He said he was surprised by the question.

“I told her ‘no ma’am, I do not’ and explained I was in town from Daytona,” the retired officer told Blue Lives Matter. “And she says you can’t come in here with anything that says ‘police officer’ on it.”

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Champion said that normally, that would have been enough anti-police sentiment for him to turn around and leave the park.

“There was a group of five or six couples behind us that lost their minds at that point, and some of them started yelling at the security officer saying things like ‘this is what you do to retired heroes, this is how you show respect to law enforcement?’”

Champion said one of the couples behind them handed him another shirt to put on so that he could go in, and he gratefully accepted it.

He said he was standing in line changing shirts when the security officer piped up again and informed him that he was “going to have to take that other shirt back to the car.”

They were eventually let into the park, after a crowd of other guests became furious. Champion put his shirt back on, demanded to see a supervisor, and requested to see the policy. You can read the rest of the account at DefenseMaven here.

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When are these people going to learn that anything like this will become viral and there will be consequences? The number of retired and current LEO’s commenting that they will never frequent Universal Studios again is staggering.

“I’m retired law enforcement and after reading about this incident and their policy, I will never go to Universal again. I’m proud of my chosen profession and proud of those still serving and retired as well…the very individuals that risk their lives being treated this way sickens me.”

“As a retired law enforcement officer I will never go to Universal. Rest assured I will tell every active, retired MOS, family and friends what happened…”

Another Universal Studios patron reflected a similar experience.

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“I wore a shirt that I bought at a benefit for a fallen Philadelphia police officer and I was asked the same question by security at the Universal gates. I told them I did not have another shirt and they asked for a supervisor. After several minutes they finally let me in.”

Insanity! What is happening to our nation? Where is the respect? All employees involved in this incident should be fired.

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