UC-Berkeley Student Senator Says Free Speech Violates University Rules

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Berkeley’s Student Government is debating a motion to take funds away from the College Republicans and give it to the Black Students’ Union despite concerns that they’d be slapped with a lawsuit.

The anger from one School Senator in particular stems from the riots that occur whenever the College Republicans attempt to book a speaker for campus. But, some students on the council are pushing back because they agree that disagreeing with Republicans doesn’t make it right to take their money away just because they’re Republicans.

School Senator Rizza Estacio

A third year student majoring in Ethnic Studies and English, Rizza Estacio was previously involved with the school’s production of the Vagina Monologues and a student Consent Working Group. She ran for the Senate on a platform of “consent education” and “advocacy for first generation students of color.”

Her online profile helpfully tells us that her pronouns are “she/her/hers.”

The Daily Californian reported that it was Estacio who proposed a resolution that would see reallocation of all money currently given to the Berkeley College Republicans and have it sent over to the Black Student Union.

‘Baseless Targeting’

There is hope yet: Estacio’s proposal may not have been thrown out immediately but non-Republican senators pushed back on the resolution to pull funding from the group.

Estacio’s proposal is based on what she perceived was bad behavior on the part of the Berkeley College Republicans during last year’s Free Speech Week, which she said was in fact inconsistent with the school’s policies.

“Some of what [the College Republicans have] done has broken regulations that we uphold to every registered student organization. I want to make it clear that if you break these rules, you are no longer eligible for our funding.”

But, other Senators with the Associated Students University of California (ASUC) disagreed. Matthew Lewis make his dislike for the group clear, but he was unsure if the resolution was legal:

“Before I speak I just want to acknowledge that people have feelings about wanting to defund BCR are very valid; they are a terrible organization. What will happen inevitably in court is not only will the courts order be for the ASUC to fund BCR, they’ll probably also order the ASUC to fund BCR at a higher amount, which would mean cuts to other student groups who actually deserve the money.”

President Zaynab AbdulQadir-Morris said that if they zero in and remove money from the group, it would be “a lawsuit.” Another Senator, Megha Torpunuri said that she would not “stand” for the attack on the BCR:

“I am not a Republican, but this is baseless and woeful targeting of an organization. We should not be going back due to baseless targeting.”

Senator Taehan Lee noted:

“I believe there are genuine concerns about the legal implications of taking away funding from BCR.”

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All For One Thousand Dollars

The college Republican group only receives $1,000 from the school, but the very fact that they exist is enough to trigger the lefties on campus. The Club has already made a reply to the motion, saying that they will

“…continue to take those who destroy our private property and violate our unalienable rights to court, and we will exercise legal routes to remedy instances of political discrimination.”

The amendment will be voted on this Thursday.


Berkeley Cancels Atheist Over Islam

Last July, a Berkeley event featuring famous atheist Richard Dawkins was cancelled when the organizers realized that along with criticism of Christianity, Dawkins has also criticizes Islam. The event was to cover a new book by Dawkins, who is an evolutionary biologist, and was to stick to scientific topics. But, the group cancelled the event “citing concerns about the tone of some of Dawkins’ tweets about Muslim.” The group announced that since they do not “endorse hurtful speech” they wouldn’t host the event.

Dawkins had previously mocked “Judaism and Christianity [for] the process of non-thinking called ‘faith,'” but since it wasn’t Muslims it was cool.

Berkeley Doesn’t Need Republicans To Riot

In 2014, Berkeley’s campus attracted a roaming crowd out upwards of 400 people who engaged in such nice activities like breaking into Radio Shack and setting trash cans on fire.

Sources: Associated Students University of California, Campus Reform

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