Twitter CEO Approves of Actual Civil War to Eliminate Republicans

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Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey shared a “great” article describing the need for a civil war to take care of the Republican Party.

The article, hosted on the blogging website Medium was written by Peter Leyden with help from Ruy Teixeria and is titled “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War.” It was shared first by Ev Williams, a CEO of Medium, and then further shared by Jack Dorsey.

But first, what is Medium and who is the author of the piece?


What Is Medium?

The article linked by Jack was posted to Medium, a website that was created by Evan Williams a former CEO and co-founder of Twitter. The website was intended to allow people to create posts longer than the character limit on Twitter and blogs are connected to Twitter handles.

Who is Author Peter Leyden?

Peter Leyden is a self described “leading expert on new technologies and trends” who runs a “network of innavtors” who use group video discussions with an aim to “fundamentally reinvent America.” He holds two masters degrees in politics and journalism and has a bachelor’s degree in something called ‘intellectual history.’ As well, he founded something called the “New Politics Institute.”

Peter has participated in media presentation where talked had titles including “California Is The Future Of American Politics,” “The New Way Forward After Trump,” “Improving Platforms, Policies & Partnerships to Fight Discrimination” and “The Multi-Millionaire Who’s Fighting for $15.”

In short, he’s a rich San Francisco socialist who thinks he’s better than you.

Who is Author Ruy Teixeria?

Ruy is a a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and wrote a book called “The Optimistic Leftist: Why the 21st Century Will Be Better Than You Think.” The Center for American Progress is run by John Podesta, who was a chief of staff to Bill Clinton and was on the transition team for Barack Obama.

A previous book co-authored by Ruy was titled “The Emerging Democratic Majority” and described how Democrats are destined to become the majority party of this century due to the overwhelming influx of immigrants who vote Democrat. Ruy holds degrees from Yale and the University of Michigan, and his PhD dissertation was on declining voter turnout.

One of his most recent papers was co-written in 2008 and was called “The Decline of the White Working Class and the Rise of a Mass Upper Middle Class.”

America’s New Civil War

So, the article was written by a guy who went to expensive colleges to tell others how to live, and by another guy who writes about the only way that Democrats can win is for more immigrants to pile in while stupid white Americans enjoy a decline. Since the paper is a bit long, I’ve grabbed some of the most outrageous highlights.

“The best way to understand politics in America today is to reframe it as closer to civil war. Just the phrase “civil war” is harsh, and many people may cringe. It brings up images of guns and death, the bodies of Union and Confederate soldiers.”

“…America today does exhibit some of the core elements that move a society from what normally is the process of working out political differences toward the slippery slope of civil war.”

“Since 1980, [Republican] policies have engorged the rich while flatlining the incomes of the majority of Americans, from the presidency of Ronald Reagan through to last December’s tax overhaul, which ultimately bestows 83 percent of the benefits over time to the top 1 percent. Make no mistake: A reckoning with not just Trump, but conservatism, is coming.”

“The Republican Party for the past 40 years has mastered using dog whistles to gin up racial divides to get their white voters to the polls. Trump just disposes of niceties and flatly encourages white nationalists, bans Muslims, walls off Mexicans, and calls out “shithole” countries.”

“In short, political change is slow until it’s very fast. The fall of the GOP is likely to be no different.”

In short, only Trump stands in the way of their communist paradise. Good.

How Civil War in America Will REALLY Go

9:00am: The left declares war on the right
9:01am: Right wingers put down their coffee and go to their gun storage.
9:03am: Unconditional surrender from the left.

But Jack Dorsey can keep dreaming. Until then, he’s trying to do what he can to make life rough for conservatives and freedom-oriented people online.

Notorious Internet Activist Kim Dotcom: Twitter Censoring Speech

Last week, Kim Dotcom hit at Jack Dorsey and Twitter for censoring free speech and threatened to create a Twitter alternative “without censorship.”

Dotcom, born Kim Schmitz is a German-Finnish man who founded Megaupload in 2005, a site that hosted copyrighted content from music to television shows. At its peak Megaupload received 50 million visitors every day and was the 13th most visited website on the internet. In 2012, the Justice Department shut down the website and started a long legal battle.

On Twitter, Kim asked long standing questions about Twitter including why some tweets concerning anti-Democrat Party conspiracy theories were not allowed to be shared.

James Woods Reports Physical Violence Threat, Nothing Happens

Last year conservative actor James Woods reported a tweet to Twitter where someone directly threatened to hit him in the head with a two by four. Of course, no action was taken. Threatening violence against conservatives is fine by Twitter.

Sources: Daily Caller, Medium

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