TV Networks Back Planned Parenthood… Refuse To Sell Ads For Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’

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The same blackballing that went on with the abortionist horror movie “Gosnell” is now taking place with the anti-Planned Parenthood movie “Unplanned.” The Hollywood Reporter says that a number of TV networks are now refusing to run ads for the PureFlix movie that received a wide theatrical release.

Lifetime (the irony of the name is not lost on me), Hallmark Channel, HGTV and other cable networks have completely blocked “Unplanned” trailers from their platforms. Fox News network is the exception to this move that supports Planned Parenthood and abortion.

“If you haven’t seen a commercial for Unplanned, an anti-abortion movie critical of Planned Parenthood, it isn’t for lack trying on the part of marketers, whose efforts have been consistently rebuffed by TV networks,” reports THR. “Pure Flix, the distributor behind the box office hit God’s Not Dead and other movies aimed at Christians, opens the movie in 1,000 theaters today, but outside of the Fox News Channel, every other mainstream television outlet has declined to air the ad.”

That says it all right there. What’s more, the networks don’t even have the stones to tell the makers of “Unplanned” why they decided to reject the ads. It’s obvious why, but they can’t bring themselves to put it in writing because they fear blowback both from Christians and attorneys who are surely lining up on this one.

Lifetime said they would not run ads due to the “sensitive nature of the film.” It should be noted that Lifetime previously promoted “an interview with Scarlett Johansson where she pitches Planned Parenthood,” according to the marketers. Deflection and hypocrisy abound at the liberal media networks.

“The Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, HGTV and Food Network, each of which are owned by Discovery, also refused to sell ad time for ‘Unplanned’ due to the ‘sensitive nature’ of the movie, say those who tried buying air time,” the report stated. “Other networks that refused to advertise the movie include the Hallmark Channel and USA Network, the latter of which is owned by NBCUniversal.”

More from The Daily Wire:

“Lifetime is owned by A&E Networks, a joint venture of Hearst Communications and Walt Disney. Most recently, Hearst Communications was embroiled in another controversy for allegedly spiking the Esquire story exposing allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of “X-Men” director Bryan Singer. The story eventually got published at The Atlantic, an incident that left the story’s two reporters baffled.

“We have been asked why a story reported and written by two Esquire writers is being published in The Atlantic,” the Bryan Singer reporters said in a statement in January. “This story began with our editors at Esquire. After months of reporting, this story went through Esquire’s editorial process, which included fact-checking and vetting by a Hearst attorney, and the story was approved for publication.”

“The story was then killed by Hearst executives. We do not know why,” the statement continued. “We are most grateful that the alleged victims now have a chance to be heard and we hope the substance of their allegations remains the focus.”

“John Sullivan, a producer on “Unplanned,” and who also directed “2016: Obama’s America,” told THR that money was there but the networks would not take their business. “We were looking to spend money, but they didn’t want to get involved,” he said.

“Joe Knopp, another producer on “Unplanned,” said the networks were largely vague in their reasoning. “Most of the networks didn’t go into detail beyond citing the subject matter of the film and that they didn’t want to get into politics. But we don’t believe we’re in the political category,” said Knopp.

“Controversy regarding the marketing for “Unplanned” erupted when the MPAA inexplicably gave the move an R-rating despite mild violence with virtually no foul language or sexuality.

“Unplanned,” tells the story of famed Planned Parenthood defector Abby Johnson, who left the organization to become a pro-life activist after witnessing an abortion while working at the Bryan, Texas clinic in 2009. Planned Parenthood has denounced the film as “simply false.”

“The claims in this film are simply false,” the organization said in a statement. “Planned Parenthood is proud to provide expert, high-quality health care to our patients, including safe and legal abortion, in a safe and compassionate environment. The movie promotes many falsehoods including most importantly, distortions and incorrect depictions about healthcare.”‘

From a previous Hollywood Reporter article on the subject:

“The MPAA told Pure Flix that the most problematic scene featured a doctor gazing at a computer screen that shows the image of a fetus as the abortion is completed. The doctor in the scene is real-life Dr. Anthony Levatino, who says he has performed about 1,200 abortions over the years.”

“The portrayal of a live, moving fetus disappearing is very accurate,” Levatino said. “You’re watching an abortion. It’s an accurate view of what’s happening. It’s disturbing if you recognize it’s a human life.”

Glenn Beck has heavily promoted the movie. And MyPillow founder Mike Liddell has donated a whopping $1 million of his own money to “Unplanned” in order to get it off the ground amidst promotional woes. Several major music labels refused to license mainstream music for the movie, including Disney, Universal, Sony, and Round Hill Music. It’s just a shame that more people haven’t stepped forward to support this movie and others of its genre.

Theaters across the country now are showing the film “Unplanned” based on the true story of Planned Parenthood director-turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson. But television networks are blocking the promotion of the movie… it opened last night in over 1,000 theaters. They are acting as boycotters and censoring what people see and don’t see. Commercials for “Unplanned” are running on Fox News, The Christian Broadcast Network and conservative talk radio shows, including Glenn Beck’s.

Any excuse will do when you support the killing of the unborn and of the recently born… that’s called infanticide and it is sheer evil. All of these networks are more than happy to engage in politics when they are leftist, but when it is a conservative theme or pro-Christian they shun it like a vampire does holy water.

Sources: The Daily Wire, TheBlaze, NewsBusters, LifeNews

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