Trump’s Promise to Veterans is Already in Motion: He’s Not Even President Yet [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump has done more in the 53 days he’s been President-elect than Barack Obama has done eight years. Yesterday Trump met with the leaders of the top hospital systems in the U.S. to talk about overhauling health care for veterans.

In eight years of the Obama administration all Barack Obama has done is give speeches. The Veterans Administration hospitals are a sewer of corruption where veterans go to die. Actually, it’s a place where veterans go to be murdered by administrators looking to pad their bonuses.

On the campaign trail Donald Trump promised a full investigation of the Veterans Administration. And not just a full investigation, but changes that would serve veterans.

Donald Trump met with the chief executive officers of the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and the Cleveland Clinic. I have personal experience with all three of these organizations and they are the best in the world.

When Barack Obama was faced with the disaster that is the Veterans Administration who did he talk to? Obama talked to the VA bureaucrats. He couldn’t be bothered to pick up his phone and talk to people who actually know how to run a hospital system.

Donald Trump has a record in private industry of surrounding himself with the very best people he can find and that’s what he did to begin to attack the problems at the VA.

It’s been reported that Trump is weighing options for privatizing at least part of the Veterans Administration.

Our family has personal history with the VA because our son is a disabled Marine veteran. What we would like to see is to have VA hospitals do the one thing that they’re good at and that is treat severely wounded active-duty combat injuries and work with active-duty and veterans on rehabilitation from those injuries. A number of VA hospitals are among the best in the world at doing that.

Where they utterly fail is in routine care. We would like to see the routine care portion of the VA turned to private insurance where veterans can choose their own doctors and get care that works for them. The bulk of the VA hospitals providing routine primary care should be shut down.

The Veterans Administration is the poster child for single-payer healthcare. As Donald Trump and Congress discuss repealing ObamaCare I hope they pay close attention to the disaster that is the VA and soundly reject anything that looks like single-payer healthcare as a replacement for ObamaCare.

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