Trump’s Approval Rating Was Released

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It has been almost three months since President Trump took office. Nobody can deny he has been making many moves. Some that people love and others that people hate. But now it is time to gauge what the American people think of his job performance thus far. A Rasmussen poll was just released that indicates what Americans feel about the President.

You are going to like it too. The Rasmussen poll shows that the President’s approval rating is at 50 percent. This is the highest it has been in over a month. In March it dropped to about 42 percent. However, it has peaked shortly after his inauguration at 59 percent. In March it hummed around the 50’s. As of this week, he has a 50 percent approval rating.

This poll came shortly after the President’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. It also came after he dropped 59 tomahawk missiles on a Syrian military base which launched a chemical sarin gas attack on Syrian civilians. As well as the dropping of the “Mother of All Bombs” in an Afghani province where ISIS terrorists freely roamed underneath the ground in tunnels. Clearly, the American people are happy with Trumps latest actions.

On the outer spectrum of statistics, 30 percent are shown to strongly approve of Trump’s performance while 39% strongly disapprove. His index rating is a -9. However, liberals never like to let facts get in the way of a good story. As is indicated in their latest stunt. CNN writer Chris Cillizza tried punching holes in the Rasmussen poll. But he is going to have a harder time than he thought.

Cillizza argued that the Rasmussen poll should not be considered gospel and cited other polls as more accurate. Polls such as Gallup’s April 15th poll showing a 41 percent approval rating and a 53 percent disapproval rating. Another poll being Marist’s on April 14th that showed a 30 percent approval and a 49 percent disapproval.

He tried saying that Rasmussen’s results weren’t to be taken as seriously because there were certain so-called uncertainties with the group’s polling methodology. Specifically how they define a likely voter as well as how they use automated interview software as opposed to actual people. He also took issue with the way the numbers are dialed.

Clearly this reporter from the “Clinton News Network” simply wants to find any issue he possibly can to explain away why President Trump has a high approval rating. But there is no explaining it away. He is doing an exceptional job and Americans are very pleased with the results.

This is no doubt correlated to the fact that people are pleased he is following through with his promise. Unlike President Obama he promised to lead from the front and that is exactly what he is doing. He stood up for freedom and democracy when he attacked Syria. He showed our great military strength by sending naval ships to the Korean Peninsula. And he showed he is willing to come to a middle ground in his meeting with the Chinese President.

President Trump is defining what it means to be a proud American and Americans know that. They took that sentiment to the polls. No amount of liberal lies or Democratic push back will ever change that and it drives them crazy.

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