Trump To Withdraw US From Paris Climate Accord – Prepare For Liberal Meltdown!

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It hasn’t even been a couple weeks in office and already we are seeing some great changes from President Trump that are helping to ‘Make America Great Again’. From the Keystone XL Pipeline to the Dakota Access Pipeline, President Trump is doing what he can to reduce regulations, streamline processes and help create jobs to improve our nation’s economy.

In regards to climate change, Trump campaigned to support the US oil, gas, and mining industries by reducing regulations. Trump also pledged to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement aimed at curbing global warming. It’s no surprise that President Trump is NOT a supporter of “global warming”. Liberals’ heads, like Al Gore’s, must be in a tailspin.


H/T I Have The Truth:

Oh, this is just too good to be true. Heh. Can you imagine the exploding liberal heads out there… brain matter everywhere. What a mess. President Trump is prepping to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord. Liberal meltdown in 3…2…1. Boom!

I’m all for taking care of our environment, I just don’t believe all the apocalyptic nonsense being spouted by climatologists who want grants and elitists who are looking for a way to control humans in general. Looks like Armageddon has been put on hold for the US indefinitely. Cancel the ‘End of the World’ party.

From RedState:
The United States will switch course on climate change and pull out of a global pact to cut emissions, said Myron Ebell, who headed U.S. President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transition team until his inauguration.

“(Trump) could do it by executive order tomorrow or he could do it as part of a larger package,” Ebell told a conference in London on Monday. “I have no idea of the timing.”

Trump, a climate change doubter, campaigned on a pledge to boost the U.S. oil and gas drilling and coal mining industries by slashing regulation. He also promised to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement aimed at curbing global warming.

Trump’s administration has asked the EPA to temporarily halt all contracts, grants and interagency agreements pending a review, according to sources.


United Nations Climate Chief Patricia Espinosa has warned US President Donald Trump not to pull out of the Paris climate accord.

“Ultimately, this is about the competitiveness of the United States,” Espinosa, a former foreign minister who heads the Bonn-based UN Climate Change Secretariat, told dpa in an interview.

During the election campaign, Trump repeatedly called for a renegotiation of the UN accord, whose aim is to keep global temperature increases well below 2 degrees Celsius by transforming the global economy away from fossil fuels this century.

“We do not know what he will do – all we know so far is that his stance differs from that of the Obama administration,” Espinosa said.

You certainly GOT THAT RIGHT, Ms. Espinosa! President Trump is about JOBS! He’s about putting America FIRST! He’s about returning our nation to greatness and if that means putting all the BS of global warming behind us, so be it!

Of course, the United Nations is now verbally threatening the US. So what? Who freaking cares? The UN can get stuffed. And these losers have no idea what President Trump will do next… he totally has them and the world off balance. It’s epic. As RedState points out, the entire agreement is about disadvantaging the economies of the developed nations and, to a great extent, about advantaging China.

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