Trump to Cut ‘Family Planning’ Money from Family Killing Abortionists

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Kellyanne Conway and Ivanka Trump are reportedly at odds over giving a blessing to Donald putting his foot down on the policy decision to route abortion money to legitimate women’s health centers.

In order to fulfill a campaign promise, Trump has been briefed on the “prayer and protest” groups that rallied last weekend at more than 100 different Planned Parenthood locations. While the abortion provider gets more than half a billion dollars from the federal government in direct grants and Medicare reimbursements, they are also a major donor of the Democrat Party.

That means that Planned Parenthood kill children and give millions to Hillary Clinton. I can’t think of a worse group of people to support.

So, Trump has been working with the women in his office on cutting Title X ‘family planning’ funds from Planned Parenthood. Title X was first brought in under Richard Nixon and it’s the only direct federal grant program dedicated to “family planning” and “related preventative” services.

That is, Title X is for family planning, or for family killing. And Planned Parenthood sure loves family killing.

Mom-of-4 Kellyanne Pushing Trump on Abortion Promise

According to reports from Axios, Kellyanne Conway, a married mother of four children spoke to Trump last Friday about his campaign promise where he swore to get rid of federal funding for Planned Parenthood. The money was supposed to be redirected to other health centers for women, as long as those centers do not provide abortions.

The Catholic Kellyanne from New Jersey was instrumental in getting Trump elected through her polling efforts and her ability to read what Americans want. And one thing that Americans want is for federal funding to stop going to abortions.

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It’s not simply a matter of tax money, it’s a matter of souls. Several Christian denominations consider it a sin to fund abortion, and every American who pays into the system is supporting the murder of children whose parents think abortion is birth control.

Congress Still Funding Planned Parenthood

But, in the previous budget bill, Congress decided that they would continue to fully fund Planned Parenthood while only giving $1.6 billion to the border wall. Trump threatened to not sign the bill, and last weekend in Michigan threatened again to shut down the government unless they get back to negotiating where priorities lay.

Right now, Planned Parenthood of America — whose “planning” seems to be in deferring families, not creating them — operates more than 600 “clinics” in the USA and teams up with organizations in 12 different countries.

Planned Parenthood is the largest single abortion provider in the country, and they agree that they perform around 325,00 abortions per year.

With the $530 million in government funding they receive every year, that means that the US taxpayers are the largest sponsors of these abortions. But, Title X funding only covers about 25% of that amount, and Medicaid covers the rest. Even cutting Title X won’t completely cripple the industry.

Planned Parenthood have called the proposal “outrageous.”

The group was founded by Margaret Sanger, who was a strong advocate for murdering black babies and keeping black Americans from taking over the States. The organization says that eugenics — or killing off undesirable people — was popular at the time, so it’s no big deal that Sanger wanted to kill off non-whites in particular.

Plan to Defund and Redirect Money

Kellyanne is looking to have the funding go to “better health care alternatives” such as this example provided by Defund Planned Parehood

Mom-of-3 Ivanka Blamed for Continued Abortion Funding

Apparently, Trump wants to hear from one of the women he trusts the most before making a policy decision that would impact the health of women in the country. With Ivanka right down the hallway, Ivanka is being blamed for holding off on giving her blessing to pull the rug out from underneath Planned Parenthood. But, if Trump wants to continue to make good to the people who voted for him, he needs to put a stop to the genocide of black American babies that is currently happening thanks to Congress.

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According to the White House Political Director Bill Stepien, who put together a list for Trump on Republican views, the fifty most competitive House races all feature a sitting Republican who is pro-life.

Imagine that — we live in a world where we need to conduct surveys to figure out which Republican is pro-life!

The Republicans were sorted based on the language they use to talk about abortion, from outright saying on their websites that they “support pro-life legislation” and “oppose abortion rights” but also voting records on whether federal health coverage ought to include abortion.

Sources: Axios

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