Trump Raises $3 Million in Small Donations First Day Impeachment Hearings, Biden, Not So Much

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President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has announced that it raised $3.1 million in small-dollar donations during the first 24 hours of the public impeachment hearings held by the Democrats on Wednesday. To put that in perspective, Joe Biden raised a total of $5 million the whole month of October. Biden only raised $15 million the entire last quarter, vs a total of $125 million in the quarter raised by the President.

“One of our best fundraising days ever… again!” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale wrote on Twitter. “Dems just don’t get it. They are filling our bank and improving our turnout every day!”

Important to note that the Biden campaign is also proud of their $5 million that it took a whole month to raise in October:

“This is our BEST online fundraising month since we launched our campaign,” according to an email sent to supporters. The thank you note also served as a fundraising pitch. Yes, the thank you note also served as a fundraising pitch, you hear that right.

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President Donald Trump’s campaign team told Breitbart News that the 2020 campaign has done nothing but strengthen since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment in September.

“Every single time they do this, we raise a fortune,” Eric Trump told Breitbart News, recalling the $15 million raised in the 72 hours since Pelosi announced the inquiry.

He said that the campaign was experiencing a jump in new donors who had never donated to the president’s re-election campaign before.

“Our country is doing amazing, and people don’t want to see the charade,” he said, pointing to voter scores that he was watching in swing states.

Eric Trump joined Trump Victory Director of Regional Communications Rick Gorka in a call with reporters to discuss the impact that the impeachment had on the campaign.

“It’s like Kavanaugh on steroids,” Gorka said, referring to the energized Republican base reacting to the baseless smears against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “The energy we’re receiving from the field has been tremendous, we’re putting them to work.”

The Democrats at large have been at a severe financial disadvantage throughout the entire campaign season. Trump is raising significantly more money than than all the Democrat contenders and the DNC combined. Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Tulsi Gabbard and Julián Castro all dipped into savings to cover the costs of their campaigns.

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Pro-Trump groups, which also include his joint fundraising entities with the GOP, have raised more than $308 million this year and boast more than $156 million cash on hand.

Time reported last month that, “Joe Biden’s presidential bid is not raising enough money to cover the cost of his day-to-day campaign”

Bernie Sanders raised $25 million and Pete Buttigieg raised $19.1 million in the last quarter, while Kamala Harris raised $11.6 million. Sen. Elizabeth Warren raised $24.6.

In the first four months of 2019, the DNC spent more than it raised and added $3 million in new debt. In the same period, the RNC was stockpiling cash.

For most of the year, The RNC has raised more than double that of the DNC. The RNC has no real debt, and the DNC plenty. It is not good.

“It’s trouble, it’s going to affect us,” said Allan Berliant, a Cincinnati-based Democratic bundler, who says the party needs to open offices and get boots on the ground around the country. “All of that starts with fundraising,” he said.

It seems, there is no change in sight.

As the Trump campaign is focused on the national election, the Democrats are still fighting the primary. They are way behind, not just financially.

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