Trump Makes Special Pit Stop To Thank Marines!

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Is there any doubt that President Donald Trump is doing all he can to support our military? It’s probably why he’s so popular with the troops. Those serving our country are not used to seeing or feeling the utmost respect by their commander in chief. It’s a very welcomed change in the presidency.

Last week, Trump was headed back to the White House from the FBI Academy graduation ceremony when he made a special stop at the Marine Corps Air Facility to visit with Marine Helicopter Squadron One, according to Independent Journal Review.

Not only did the president take time to shake hands with the service men and women, he also delivered an inspiring speech.

The White House published a transcript of that speech, in which the president thanked the service members for their dedication to the United States.

He also made a point to let them know that he backs their efforts 100 percent, and said that his door is always open for suggestions, help or support. That’s something the U.S. military probably never felt when Barack Obama was the president.

“You know, we’ve made tremendous success and had tremendous success now with getting rid of ISIS in Iraq and Syria,” Trump said.

“I let them do their job.  You don’t have to call the White House when you’re getting ready to fight.

“You know, in the old times — the last administration — you called the White House and you get approval. Not anymore. Not anymore.”

The Marines cheered as Trump spoke.

We love you, folks, and we’re going to take care of you like you’ve never been taken care of before — and I think you know that,” he said.

“Every time I climb on the incredible machine (Marine One), I think of United States Marines.”

Watch a video of the special visit below:

“Thank you for your incredible care. Really, it’s a care for the office of the presidency, of myself, my family. Your professionalism is a fitting tribute to all who wear the eagle, globe and anchor,” Trump said, referring to the symbol of the Marine Corps. “My pledge to you is that I will have your back just as you will always and have always had mine.”

How amazing that the president of the United States is once again reaffirming his commitment to the men and women who serve our country.

For the eight years that Obama was in office, the military felt underappreciated and tossed aside as an afterthought.

However, Trump has made a point to continuously thank those in the military for their service praising them for their progress in the war against terror.

In other Marine news…

Trump’s lawyer is working to overturn Marine sniper convictions.  

On Nov. 8, the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals handed down a decision overturning the conviction of then-Staff Sgt. Joe Chamblin, who was demoted and ultimately discharged for involvement in a 2011 incident in which a number of scout snipers urinated on Taliban corpses during a combat deployment to Afghanistan, and then posted a video of the act to YouTube.

The court found that actions taken by Gen. Jim Amos, then-commandant of the Marine Corps, created the appearance of unlawful command influence in the conviction, creating a taint on proceedings that was never adequately addressed or alleviated.

According to sworn testimony cited in the opinion, Amos told the general originally in charge of the sniper cases, Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, that he wanted the Marines “crushed” for their activities.

Waldhauser, who had told Amos he didn’t plan to send all the cases to general court-martial, was shortly thereafter removed as the oversight authority and replaced, a move Amos said was designed to remove any possibility of his own comments interfering with Waldhauser’s discretion to act in the cases.

The court called Amos’ “crushed” comment “an unusually flagrant example of [unlawful command influence].”

The same day that opinion came out, John Dowd sprang into action. Dowd, then with the law firm Akin Gump, represented Capt. James Clement, one of two officers who faced punishment in connection with the sniper scandal. He now works for himself, and became part of President Donald Trump’s legal team in June.

“We’re going to put together a petition on behalf of everyone, all the defendants, to have them all corrected,” Dowd told on Thursday. ” … The court’s opinion was unbelievable. It was so powerful.”

Dowd helped Clement, accused of failing to supervise snipers on a patrol during which he was manning a radio, to secure an administrative board of inquiry hearing in lieu of a court-martial.

Among those who testified in Clement’s defense was Gen. John Kelly, then-commander of U.S. Southern Command. During the 2013 proceeding, Kelly said Clement should not have been held accountable for a unit whose leaders had become lax in discipline.

Kelly, who retired from the Corps in 2016, is now the White House chief of staff.

Dowd said he shared the news about the Chamblin appellate decision with Kelly while the two stood in the Oval Office. The White House hasn’t taken a stance on the sniper case or publicly discussed it.

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Kelly, who had no direct involvement with the sniper cases while in uniform, nonetheless followed them closely. In 2014, after the untimely death of one of the snipers, retired Sgt. Rob Richards, he contacted the Marine veteran’s family to express his sympathies.

“[Kelly] just hated the way the Marines were treated,” Dowd said.

Despite the testimony in his defense, the board of inquiry voted to discharge Clement from the service.

Dowd has enlisted a former Marine Corps attorney, retired Lt. Col. James Weirick, to investigate how to appeal Clement’s discharge.

Weirick went public in 2013 with allegations of unlawful command influence against Amos and his legal team. He is cited in the appellate decision as the source of affidavits alleging Amos’ attorneys improperly classified evidence in the sniper cases and withheld evidence from the defense.

“I haven’t gotten down to the nuts and bolts of how you clean that up,” Dowd said of Clement’s discharge. “But I think if there’s any evidence of command influence, it’s discharging someone that you found the facts for.”

In all, nine Marines faced varying levels of punishment, from special court-martial to letters of reprimand in relation to the urination video and other videos that were shot on the same deployment.

Although five years have passed and none of the Marines remains in uniform, the symbolic gesture of restoring rank and vacating convictions is important to see through, multiple attorneys said.

“It was an unlevel playing field,” Florida-based attorney Ken Martin said of the sniper cases. Martin said he is representing one of the nine Marines, but declined to publicly identify him because of the stigma attached to the case.

“We’re going to try to use that decision to get these guys, their records corrected,” Martin said. “The ones that went to [nonjudicial punishment] might get their rank back. It’s not going to restore them, but it’s the best that can be done years later.”


President Trump has nothing but respect for our military and the young men and women who serve in not only the Marines and every other service. These men and women deserve the best education, the best training and equipment, as well as, the best leadership and support to do their jobs. As commander in chief, President Trump is doing all he can to support our troops both here and abroad.

God Bless Our Military and THANK YOU for all that you do to protect our freedom!



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