Trump Just Shattered Obama’s Science Legacy With New Budget Funding

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President Trump promised during his campaign to do everything in his power to overturn the disastrous legislation and work President Obama did while he was in office for eight years. That was a pretty hefty promise considering how long President Obama was in office for. He has thus far followed through on his promise. On Tuesday, the President signed a passed Senate bill that would provide $19.5 billion to funding for NASA in 2018.

This appropriation amount is half a billion dollars more than the Obama administration had budgeted for fiscal year 2017. Under the new administration federal funds will not be wasted as they were when millions were spent on climate change research instead of scientific exploration. House Subcommittee on Space Chariman Brian Babin said the following about the previous administrations budget,

This budget takes our human spaceflight program nowhere fast. This budget undermines our space program and diverts critical funding to lower-priority items. The key U.S. objectives for human expansion into space shall include achieving human exploration of Mars and beyond through the prioritization of those technologies and capabilities best suited for such a mission in accordance with the stepping-stone approach to exploration specified in federal law.”

Trump praised NASA for their space exploration after signing the bill. The President signing this bill indicates he will place science and technology research and efforts in the forefront of his administration’s policy. The liberals would like to make it seem like all he cares about is military and defense spending, but this new bill shows that the President has concerns and priorities that vary immensely.

He understands perfectly well the necessity of a diverse portfolio. This along with his emphasis placed on combatting human trafficking show a keen interest in varied issues. He is not a one issue President and those who voted for him knew that. Despite what the liberals would have you believe.

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