Trump Just Commented On North Korea’s Nuclear Test!

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The new Secretary of State has been working tirelessly in recent weeks to quell the problems that North Korea has created by testing some of their nuclear weapons. The President has remained largely mum but he came out to reporters saying how badly the country is behaving after they tested a new type of high thrust rocket engine. This new administration is not remaining silent anymore.

Reuters is reporting that North Korea is pledging "NUCLEAR WAR" against the Unite States and South Korea because of the on-going joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises.

While aboard Air Force One during his return trip from Florida he told the media he had had meetings on North Korea but failed to be specific about whom he met with and where he met them. When leaving the press cabin he did say the following,

“I will tell you he is acting very badly.”

The Korean Central News issued a statement on Sunday about their rocket test. It is a government owned and operated outlet used by North Korea’s dictator to manage and determine what news is released to the public. Kim stated the testing was an event of great historical significance. Perhaps in his own head it was.

However, the greatest problem arising from this is that conducting long range missile tests is banned by the United Nations. The United States and others have called out the dictatorial leader and country for their lies that their satellites are being used for peaceful purposes.

Earlier in the month North Korea fired four ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan which came within 120 miles of the countries shoreline. It has raised fears that the country is getting closer to being able to launch long range missile strikes. The tests were done shortly after Rex Tillerson’s visit to South Korea. Some believe it was done in retaliation for this visit as well as war games along the demilitarized zone on the Korean border.

Tillerson made it clear the United States would strike if the administration felt action was required. Indicating they would not silently stand by as the last administration had. He also met with Chinese President Xi Jinping who is a close ally to North Korea. China has supported North Korea diplomatically and economically. While agreeing to United Nations sanctions against North Korea they have refused to participate in any activity that would bring about the collapse of the current regime.



Having a tough approach to foreign policy has always been Donald Trump’s stance. Whether it is with Mexico, China, or North Korea. Nobody is immune. Especially when they are violently taking strikes against peaceful neighbors. War could very well be an option.


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