Trump-Hating Actor Robert De Niro’s Wife Is Divorcing Him And Wants Half Of His $500 Million Fortune

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Karma just came knocking on Trump-hating actor Robert de Niro’s door big time. Last week, lawyers for his estranged wife demanded half of his “$500 million” fortune despite a 2004 prenup that his side insists limits her to a $6 million apartment, $500,000 cash and $1 million a year in alimony. De Niro will likely have to pony up when this is done. There is also a rumor circulating that his soon-to-be ex is a Trump supporter.

De Niro’s wife, Grace Hightower, 64, and her lawyers are making the major move over De Niro’s estate and they are revealing intimate details of his net worth. All of this was aired in a Manhattan Supreme Court, where the two sat through another in a series of contentious hearings in their ongoing divorce. It’s not friendly, to say the least. The couple have a 7-year-old daughter and have been battling over custody but have not released any formal comment on the divorce.

The couple first married in 1997 and then they divorced in 1999. Then they turned around and remarried in 2004 and are now at odds over that prenuptial agreement. They aren’t even close to agreeing on the wording of that document. De Niro is stating that the prenup sets strict limits on her settlement in a divorce.

Reportedly, Hightower is entitled to $6.5 million in cash and property according to De Niro. Plus she would get annual alimony of $1 million and half the value of a second apartment. But Hightower contends that she is entitled to half of what De Niro has made during their remarriage. Which seems to square with divorce laws in New York and California.

From Page Six:

“The bulk of that half-billion-dollar fortune comes from his movies and his lucrative stake in the Nobu sushi chain.

“She also believes she’s entitled to an additional 50 percent of what he earned from his share in Tribeca Grill, the 88-room Greenwich Hotel and Canal Productions.

“Mr. De Niro has made $300 million since 2004 via 35 businesses, and 38 movies,” Hightower’s lawyer, Allan Mantel, told the judge.

“His total income is more than $500 million. He gets it all,” he said in angry disbelief, prompting Justice Matthew Cooper to interject some humor into the tense proceeding.

“Now his income will fall, now that special counsel Robert Mueller is out of the picture on ‘Saturday Night Live,’” the judge quipped.

“De Niro’s lawyer, Caroline Krauss-Browne, is meanwhile complaining that Hightower’s side is nickel-and-diming the actor for every penny of his fortune.

“Hightower has issued six subpoenas for his financial records, Krauss-Browne complained.

“She is seeking essentially every piece of paper of De Niro’s receipts for meals on movie sets, wardrobe, payroll records of every employee at Nobu, credit card charges. This all goes back 15 years.”

“Neither De Niro nor Hightower would comment on the divorce as they left the court, except the “Goodfellas” star did make a humorous reference to having snarled at reporters during a court appearance in April.

“Any last words?” a reporter asked as he waited for his driver at the corner of Mulberry and Worth streets, shielding his face with a newspaper.

“When a news photographer offered a potential quote — “Yeah, ‘Go f–k yourself’?” — the actor laughed.

“Your co-worker just said it,” he chuckled, then got into his car.

“De Niro has been a superdad of sorts in recent weeks, shepherding daughter Helen, 7, to parties and events.

“The couple’s split was first reported by Page Six in November.

“De Niro filed for divorce from Hightower a month later.”

First off, De Niro’s divorce judge seems to not think much of the actor considering the Mueller quip. Second, De Niro is pitching a fit over releasing his financial information. But he demands the same from President Trump… that’s hypocritical in the extreme. Yes, I know one claim is for a president and one for a divorce but it is ironic that De Niro hides his financials from his wife while demanding Trump expose his to the world.

Robert de Niro has 6 children with actresses Diahnne Abbott, Toukie Smith and current wife Grace Hightower. Those marriages are costing the aging, bitter actor big time. His vitriol against Trump seems to be a case of transference if you ask me.

Recently, De Niro, 75, stated at an event: “The individual who currently purports to lead America is not worthy of any tribute,” he said. “Unless you think of his impeachment and imprisonment as a sort of tribute. Now that’s how you can make America great again.” Bitter to the very end… it’s sad and pathetic.

I have zero sympathy for De Niro in his divorce proceedings. Hightower should get what she asks for as hazard pay as far as I’m concerned. Karma is a b*tch, baby.

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