Trump Halts Aid To Guatemala, Honduras, And El Salvador Over Invasion Of Illegal Aliens

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President Trump has announced that we will be cutting off all aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras for failing to put an end to the numerous migrant caravans that are overwhelming the U.S.-Mexico border. There are two massive caravans heading towards our southern border right now from these three countries and Mexico is not slowing them down in the least. Trump gave a fiery warning to Mexico as well.

Our Border Patrol agents and ICE are being simply overwhelmed by the number of illegal aliens swarming the border so they are just releasing them with court dates. This is ‘Catch and Release’ on steroids and should not be happening. These people should not be allowed over our border period and that was the primary reason for building the wall.

Homeland Secretary Nielsen claims she secured an agreement with those very same countries on Friday:

“Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement Friday that she signed a “historic” regional compact this week with representatives of the Northern Triangle countries. She said the countries agreed to “combat human smuggling and trafficking, crack down on transnational criminals fueling the crisis and strengthen border security to prevent irregular migration.”’

And now this… I would say her days at DHS are numbered.

President Trump is furious and rightfully so. “We were paying them tremendous amounts of money,” President Donald Trump said on Friday. “And we’re not paying them anymore. Because they haven’t done a thing for us. They set up these caravans.”

Trump spoke of closing the U.S. border with Mexico this week and then cutting off the aid to the three Central American cartel-infested countries. “At the Secretary’s instruction, we are carrying out the President’s direction and ending FY 2017 and FY 2018 foreign assistance programs for the Northern Triangle,” a State Department spokesperson said, according to CNN. “We will be engaging Congress as part of this process.”

From The Daily Wire:

“Mexico Daily News reported on Wednesday that Mexican Federal Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero said that the “mother of all caravans” was forming in Honduras and that it contains an estimated 20,000 people.

“Obama-era DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said this week that the situation on the southern border is so dire that “we are truly in a crisis.”

“On Tuesday there were 4,000 apprehensions,” Johnson said. “I know that 1,000 overwhelms the system and I cannot begin to imagine what 4,000 a day looks like.”

“A separate report from this week found that if the “current rates of Catch and Release, border crossings, and visa overstays pan out,” then the U.S. will add nearly 1.5 million illegal aliens to the population this year.

“CNN reported this last week that data they obtained from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) showed that the number of unaccompanied minors arriving at the southern border “is expected to surpass the levels during the 2014 unaccompanied minor crisis.”

“The crisis has exploded in scope since Democrats forced an exemption into the massive omnibus spending bill that was passed in February that prohibited “DHS from detaining or deporting a sponsor, potential sponsor, or household member of an unaccompanied minor.”

“Trump has repeatedly slammed Democrats and Mexico over the last few days for the ongoing crisis on the southern border.

“Mexico must use its very strong immigration laws to stop the many thousands of people trying to get into the USA,” Trump tweeted Saturday afternoon. “Our detention areas are maxed out & we will take no more illegals. Next step is to close the Border! This will also help us with stopping the Drug flow from Mexico!”

“It would be so easy to fix our weak and very stupid Democrat inspired immigration laws,” Trump added. “In less than one hour, and then a vote, the problem would be solved. But the Dems don’t care about the crime, they don’t want any victory for Trump and the Republicans, even if good for USA!”

“The DEMOCRATS have given us the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the World. Mexico has the strongest, & they make more than $100 Billion a year on the U.S. Therefore, CONGRESS MUST CHANGE OUR WEAK IMMIGRATION LAWS NOW, & Mexico must stop illegals from entering the U.S through their country and our Southern Border,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “Mexico has for many years made a fortune off of the U.S., far greater than Border Costs. If Mexico doesn’t immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States through our Southern Border, I will be CLOSING the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week. This would be so easy for Mexico to do, but they just take our money and ‘talk.’ Besides, we lose so much money with them, especially when you add in drug trafficking, etc.), that the Border closing would be a good thing!”‘

This is why we should never work with the Democrats on the border or even give them an inch on budgets etc. That’s what we did when we agreed to that poisonous omnibus spending bill and now look where we are.

Trump is fulfilling a longstanding threat to end payments to so-called “Northern Triangle” countries if they failed to halt migrant caravans headed for the United States. They have repeatedly lied and said they would. This has got to stop. “We are beyond the breaking point,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection Deputy Commissioner Robert Perez said in an interview on Friday.

“I’m not playing games. I’ve ended payments to Guatemala, to Honduras and El Salvador. No more money is going there anymore. We were giving them $500 million. We were paying them tremendous amounts of money, and we’re not paying them anymore because they haven’t done a thing for us,” President Trump stated on Friday.

Cue the gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes from the Democrats… per Breitbart:

“Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), the ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, blasted Trump’s order to cut off payments to the Northern Triangle as an “irresponsible decision.” He said:

“U.S. foreign assistance is not charity; it advances our strategic interests and funds initiatives that protect American citizens. This latest reported move shows the Administration still does not understand that the United States cuts foreign aid to Central America at our own peril.

“Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY), chair of the House Appropriations Committee, said Trump’s order is “immoral and more likely to deteriorate conditions that push people into the kind of poverty and despair that exacerbates migration.”

“House Foreign Affairs chairman Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) and House Judiciary chair Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), both in El Salvador on Saturday as part of a congressional delegation, said cutting off aid would be “counterproductive” and they will “do everything in our power to push back on the president’s misguided approach to Central America.”’

You’ve got to give credit to the Democrats here… they have masterfully played our political system. They don’t care how many Americans die… they don’t care about crime and suffering… this is to pad their voter base and they threw all the rules out to do it. What’s worse is we fell for it yet again.

These countries are not allies of ours anymore. We should cut off all funding and this is the right move and long overdue. At this rate, an implosion is going to occur on the border and with the instability in South America with Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, and Iran in the mix as well as the invasion from Central American countries, war is a very stark possibility here.

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