Trump Goes To War With The Washington Post

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Donald Trump is fighting a war with Jeff Bezos on two fronts: On the exploitation of USPS by Amazon and now his Washington Post paper for “another hit job.” The Washington Post recently published an article Trump on the White House’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly, which Trump has attacked as “fiction.”

In the article, the Post — which Trump has called the “chief lobbyist” for Amazon — talks about a “chaotic” West Wing and implies that Kelly has become a “virtual White House internet” who is “told where to go and what to do.”

As always, the reports on Kelly’s behavior is based off of a “senior White House official” which is a code word for “completely bogus garbage.”

We first predicted a showdown between the two men at the end of March when rumors started that Trump would be looking into whether the legal niche that Amazon occupied, where they paid no federal tax and received cheap shipping from USPS, was an intentional sweetheart deal. With Bezos under that stress, Trump should not put up with any hit jobs from the newspaper that Bezos purchased years ago in order to manipulate policy.

Washington Post Hit Piece

Yesterday, the Post published an article claiming that John Kelly has lost power in the White House, writing an account of how Kelly has “faded as White House disciplinarian.”

Of course, all leaks out of the White House stopped once Trump gave Steve Bannon the boot, and there’s no reason why the Post would have any of this information.

Trump responded to the ridiculous article this morning on social media:

Of the named sources in the article, the only people who would go on record to talk about these reporters are Chris Whipple, who wrote a book on the history of White House chiefs of staff and Leona Panetta, a Democrat who worked as a White House chief of staff. Whipple said that “Kelly has been tarnished, no doubt about it,” which you will notice is based on absolutely nothing.

‘Sources Say’

If you need to know anything about unsourced news, then remember that whenever there’s no name involved or that an unconfirmed ‘official’ report was sneakily given to a journalist, that it’s all completely made up and as close to reflecting reality as Harry Potter. Every unnamed source should be treated as having been invented out of whole cloth for a very specific reason. The Washington Post, in this example, wants to make it look like Trump has lost control of the White House and that there are people leaking information and gossip from the Oval Office.

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Amazon and USPS

Jeff Bezos made most of his money and fame on founding Amazon, which has made billions for Bezos by using extremely cheap shipping options brokered with the United States Post Office. Left wing sites are claiming that “Amazon may be saving the post office from financial ruin” while simultaneously reporting that the United States Postal Service revenue is down $1.8 billion from 2016 to 2017.

In 2013, Amazon and USPS signed a five year deal for delivery of products, a contract whose details are not known to the public. The contract will be up this year, and Trump needs to make sure that the next contract discussion between the two groups don’t see the USPS losing billions while making Jeff Bezos one of the richest people in history.

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In a CNBC article written by Jaden Urbi entitled: “Trump claims the post office is losing billions because of Amazon, but it’s a lot more complicated,” she admits: “Trump is right that Amazon does technically receive a discount.”

The left wingers at the Chicago Tribune recently posted a commentary entitled “Is the Post Office making or losing money delivering Amazon packages?” Along with insulting the President, a man who has brokered billions of dollars worth of real estate deals, Steven Pearlstein of the Chicago Tribune believes that Trump is too stupid to understand. Pearlstein admits that USPS is partly an agency set up for universal service over pure profit motive, partly a business that should stay in the black. The answer is obvious to people without a narrative to maintain: USPS is losing money because Amazon is taking advantage of the fact that USPS works to make itself available to all corners of the country, by exploiting their network for their own profit.

Sources: CNBC, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post

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