Trump Fires Secret Service Director After Chinese Spy Lied Her Way Past Agents Into Mar-a-Lago

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Last week, a Chinese National lied her way past Secret Service agents into Mar-a-Lago carrying a large number of electronic devices including malware on a thumb-drive. First she told the agents she said she was a member who wanted to use the pool. They let her in.

Yujing Zhang wasn’t on the membership list. The Secret Service agents asked a club manager and he thought that maybe Zhang was the daughter of a member. Agents said that when they asked Zhang if the member was her father, she did not answer definitively but they thought it might be a language barrier and admitted her.

Then she changed her story and stated she was there to prepare for a United Nations Chinese American Association event scheduled for that evening. She showed them an invitation that was printed in Chinese that they could not read. There was no UN meeting scheduled. The Secret Service came back and got her.

After Zhang was taken off the grounds and told she could not be there, she became argumentative. They took her to the local Secret Service office for questioning.

Now seriously, here is what she had, including what she carried as she conned the Secret Service into letting her in :

Chinese passports and a flash drive containing malware. A signal detector and multiple electronic devices. The signal detector had the ability to seek out and detect hidden cameras. She had multiple cell phones. She also had nine other USB drives and five SIM cards. T

here were also several credit cards in her name in the room. She also had more than $8,000 in US and Chinese currency, with $7,500 of it in $100 bills.

Now if that stash is not straight out of a 007 movie, I do not know what is? She’s carrying a couple lbs of spy equipment around a Presidential residence!

Now, as we laugh, kinda, it is important to note that another Secret Service agent plugged the thumb-drive into his PC and it immediately began to install a malicious “file” on the agent’s computer.

The agent looking at it said that had never happened before, and it was “very out of the ordinary” when conducting a criminal analysis. The agent looking at the drive had to stop the analysis and shut down his computer.

So that happened late last week. Over the weekend…

President Trump instructed his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to fire United States Secret Service director Randolph “Tex” Alles.

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You can decide if Chinese National Yujing Zhang is a spy and whether Tex got fired for this incident.

On Tuesday, the Secret Service slammed “outlandish” suggestions that its agents are “incompetent to carry out forensic examinations” following the arrest of the Chinese spy they let past security with a load of spy equipment.

“Assertions that U.S. Secret Service agents are incompetent to carry out forensic examinations on digital media (ie thumb-drives, laptops, cellphones, etc.) is outlandish and not rooted in fact,” a Secret Service spokesperson said in a released statement.

The spokesperson added that there are special agents who “receive extensive training in computer forensics and undergo a rigorous certification process.”

“Forensic examinations conducted by these personnel are done in accordance with U.S. Secret Service standard operating policies and procedures. Secret Service forensic examinations are conducted on standalone computers, equipped with specialized forensic software, which are not connected to Secret Service networks,” the spokesperson said.

You will remember that three years ago, we at JoeForAmerica covered the ongoing drama with Obama’s Secret Service.

You will also remember that Obama let it go on…and on… and on…

The second-in-charge of President Obama’s own personal detail, went out drinking, then plowed his government car into a barrier at the White House.

A dozen agents on assignment in Colombia brought prostitutes back to their hotel rooms in the midst of a world leaders’ summit that included President Obama.

A knife-carrying man with psychological problems jumped over the White House fence and proceeded to run across the North Lawn, into the executive mansion, and to the doors of the East Room.

Weeks later, the Secret Service successfully took down another fence jumper, the accomplishment was attributed to two brave Belgian Malinois dogs, not the agents themselves.

A drone flew over the White House and landed within the secure perimeter.

A Secret Service agent, a member of the presidential protective division, lost his gun, badge, ID access card, and thumb drive. They were stolen from his car near the White House!

A Secret Service employee was arrested Monday for allegedly sending lewd photos and propositioning a police officer he thought was a teenage girl.

In the midst of it all, the Obama Secret Service Director James Clancy came up with a brilliant idea to solve the problems, create a life-size model of the White House…seriously!

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Obama did nothing. Trump said, you’re fired!

On a lighter note: Remember the Obama Secret Service years? A stranger jumped the White House Fence and walked into the White House before being noticed. The new Head of the Secret Service explains why this won’t happen again…




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