Trump And Feinstein: We Will Protect You By Taking Rights Away From You

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Trump and Sneaky Dianne Feinstein sat together at a roundtable discussion that Trump suggested would cause him to support new gun control legislation.

The bombshell that Trump will be working with control-freak Democrats on guns has us conservatives desperate to find the fine-print and looking for ways to protest against giving the left an inch.

Trump always has something up his sleeve, and he knows that he can use the left to get the Republicans on his side. So what gives? And what exactly did Trump say here?

Trump’s Reaction

After the meeting, Donald posted this on social media:

I hate to use the word “unpack,” but let’s unpack what Trump said from a right wing perspective:

  • There was a meeting held with both Republicans and Democrats at a table discussion on school safety at the White House, apparently chaired by Trump himself.
  • Some of the ideas were terrible.
  • There was a lot of discussion on background checks, but he doesn’t specific whether the background checks had to do with purchasing guns or with allowing teachers to pass checks for concealed carry in their schools.
  • Trump agrees that “gun free zones” attract violence
  • Therefore, “gun free zones in schools” was probably one of the terrible ideas floated.
  • After years of shootings under the Obama administration, no changes have been made that impact the safety of students or the rights of teachers.
  • Lazy Congressmen haven’t bothered to write a Bill yet because they’ve just been complaining
  • A Bill must be written before any further discussion can take place
  • The Second Amendment ain’t going anywhere

Sneaky Dianne Feinstein

Less than two months ago, on January 10th 2018, Trump was taking shots at Dianne on social media.

Usually when Trump gives you a bad nickname, it’s curtains for you.

My money is that Trump has been domesticating Dianne the same way he domesticated Ted Cruz into being a loyal supporter. Maybe Feinstein, like Cruz is smart enough to know on which side their bread is buttered and they know they can only get a few of their pet causes in the light is to go along with The Don.

Dianne on Guns in 2015

We’ve been covering Diane’s hot takes on gun control for years now, and in 2015 she revealed a ban on “assault weapons” along with a stable of lefties including Sen. Dick Durbin and Sen. Chuck Schumer… all of whom had hired armed bodyguards in the past.

Dianne on Free Speech

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for guessing whether I can respect a person’s political opinions. One, I ask them what they think of Reagan. Another is to ask what they think of free speech. If they say something negative about either, they can’t be trusted.

In September of 2013, we put Dianne on blast for interpreting the First Amendment as being a privilege granted by Congress, and not a God-granted right necessary for a happy, healthy country.

“I can’t support [free speech legislation] if everyone who has a blog has a special privilege.”

At the time, Feinstein wanted to make sure that only “covered journalists” were granted special freedoms of the press. As someone who didn’t go to journalism school but makes her living as a writer in the world of politics and marketing, I wouldn’t deserve such protection. Shame on me for not aiming to be involved in journalism until it was too late.

What Next?

The ball isn’t in the Democrat or Republican court, it’s in the court of public opinion and with the NRA. The NRA has been under a lot of pressure lately, but recently won a major moral victory against Delta Airlines. Delta had responded to a boycott where lefties demanded that Delta no longer give discounts to NRA members flying to the convention in Dallas this May. Three days later, Georgia lawmakers dumped a $50 million tax exemption for jet fuel in their state where Delta keeps their headquarters. An expensive mistake — the NRA and the Second Amendment have friends in high places.

So far, the NRA has given an immediate response:

“Instead of punishing law-abiding gun owners for the acts of a deranged lunatic our leaders should pass meaningful reforms that would actually prevent future tragedies.”

I hate to step on the toes of spokeswoman Jennifer Baker with the NRA, but I think it’s time for their group to call up Trump before they start going hard after him in the press just yet. I still believe Trump, who has had concealed carry since 2010, is on your side. But I don’t know how he’ll pull this rabbit out of the hat yet.

Sources: Vox, The Daily Mail

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