Trump Destroys Gun-Free Zones In Bipartisan Meeting On School Safety

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It’s time to get rid of gun-free zones! I’ve been saying this for years. Now it looks like even the President agrees with that statement and thinking too! The best way to get rid of a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Let’s face it, if gun control laws worked, 98.4% of mass shootings wouldn’t have taken place. Afterall, we did pass laws to say schools were gun-free zones didn’t we? Why are criminals still carrying guns into schools then? Didn’t anyone inform criminals like Nikolas Cruz that guns weren’t allowed in schools or on school properties?


During the meeting, President Donald Trump spoke about the National Rifle Association, the mentally ill owning firearms and, most notably, gun-free zones.

The president, who recently stated that select educators should be armed on school campuses, attacked the notion of gun-free zones and the liberal idea that removing guns from an area makes it safer.

“You’ve gotta have defense, too,” he said during the bipartisan meeting.

As noted by CBS News, Trump also stated that 98 percent of mass shootings that have occurred in the U.S. since 1950 have taken place inside of gun-free zones.


Trump’s claim comes from a Crime Prevention Research Center study that used data from 1950 through July 10, 2016, showing that

The commander in chief referenced the Pulse nightclub shooting where 49 individuals lost their lives (not including the shooter).

“As an example, you take Pulse nightclub,” he remarked. “If you had one person in that room that could carry a gun and knew how to use it, it wouldn’t have happened or certainly not to the extent it did when he (the perpetrator) was just in there shooting and shooting and shooting.”


During his opening remarks, Trump also conceded that some people may disagree with his statements and stances, but that he “understands that.”

“If you do (disagree) I want you to speak up today and we’ll listen,” he said.

Trump also brought up the NRA during the meeting, revealing that he met with their leaders over the weekend.

“I’m the biggest fan of the Second Amendment, many of you are,” Trump said.

However, he did mention that both sides of the aisle must come together during this fragile moment and set aside political ideologies in order to work toward the common goal of protecting U.S. citizens from another mass shooting.

He also touched on the volatile issue regarding the mentally ill’s ability to purchase firearms, stating that another provision might have to be added in order to ensure that guns are taken from their possession “immediately.”

Trump took some flack for that comment, I’m sure. What’s he saying?….no due process for certain individuals?


I think most Americans will agree, it’s time to do something about gun-free zones. It’s time to stop the mass shootings that are occuring in areas like schools where guns are banned. The laws we currently have didn’t stop Nikolas Cruz or and they won’t stop any other criminal with a gun. Just like the ‘gun-free zones’ signs didn’t stop Nikolas Cruz either. Does anyone really think SIGNS and laws stop criminals? Come on man!

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. Period.

I’m with Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) when it comes to abolishing gun-free zones.

It’s time to push laws to arm teachers. It’s time to repeal laws that ban guns from school zones. It’s time to educate teachers and administrators with conceal and carry classes. It’s time to arm the good guys, to stop the bad guys like Nikolas Cruz.


Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., introduced legislation on Thursday that would repeal a 1990 law banning guns from school zones, a move that fits with his push to arm teachers and other school personnel so they can prevent school shootings like the one that took place in Florida last month.

Paul’s bill would repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 and all amendments to that law.

Who stands with Rand?


Resource: Western Journalism, Washington Examiner

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  1. Waclaw says

    Socialist Democrats are stuck in the concept that armed people are a threat to their political power.
    They can’t possibly admit to that for fear of sinking the carefully orchestrated sinister agenda.
    Totalitarian minds don’t care about making it safer for students and teachers; their only aim is total control.

  2. Lavetta Reicher says

    You can arm teachers but some don’t want to because they just don’t like guns so this keeps coming from me and others arm our Veterans and retired police officers and place them at the schools what better way to keep a school children safe, if there had been veterans or retired police Cruz would never have gotten in or even close to the front door. Gun control is not the answer taking guns away from the criminals , the illegal sale of guns, gangs guns, cartel guns, ect. Arrest the ones that do sell these guns illegally. Like the Senator that was selling guns illegally.

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