Trump Breaks CNN! Massive Layoffs Rock Network – Former Contributors Trash Media Rag

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For all the world it looks like CNN is imploding. CNN’s Atlanta-based staff that covers healthcare found out Tuesday they are getting pink slips. This is only a few weeks after the network called mass layoffs a “crazy rumor.” Not only that but conservative commentators previously employed by CNN, of which there were very few, are now speaking up and saying CNN is “anti-Trump” instead of neutral, as it claims to be. One pundit claims the network “openly despises conservatives.”

“Most of us got squeezed out involuntarily,” Jack Kingston, a former Georgia congressman who appeared on the network, told Mediaite. “I was there for two years and was certainly willing to continue. It was clear to me in the end that the Republicans they prefer are anti-Trump Republicans.” He’s far from alone in that sentiment.

From Fox News:

“Pro-Trump contributors at CNN seem to have come and gone in recent months. Last week, the network fired former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as reports indicated he was being considered for a high-ranking immigration post in the Department of Homeland Security.

“Earlier this year, CNN fired economic analyst Stephen Moore after President Trump nominated him to serve on the Federal Reserve Board. But Moore withdrew from consideration after CNN and other outlets reported old derogatory remarks he made about women and the Obamas.

“Previously, CNN let go other commentators who supported President Trump. Contributors Jeffrey Lord and Ed Martin were fired for remarks they made outside the network. Paris Denard was let go after he was accused of sexual misconduct from a previous job. The contracts of Kingston and former South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer were not renewed. And former Trump campaign and administration officials Corey Lewandowski, Marc Short and Jason Miller all had short-lived paid contributorships.

“Perceived animus

“In addition to Kingston, other ex-CNN contributors weighed in on the perceived animus toward them at the so-called “neutral” cable news network in a report by Mediaite.

“Moore has particularly been outspoken about his frustration with CNN.

“Who are the Republicans, John Kasich? He hates Trump!” Moore said, referring to the former Republican governor of Ohio, whom CNN recently hired. “CNN is the ‘hate Trump’ network. They just trash Trump every single hour of every single day. All they’ve talked about for two years is the Mueller report and how bad does it make them look now that it proved nothing.”

“Former Trump campaign deputy communications director Bryan Lanza left the network, claiming CNN’s only identity is “anti-Trump,” not “conservative versus liberal.”

“‘Last-place performance’

“If you hate Trump, you tune to CNN to validate your hatred,” Lanza told Mediaite. “Not sure it’s a winning formula — and I’m validated by their last-place performance against other outlets.”

“CNN used to pretend it accepted right-wing voices for balance, but now it openly despises conservatives who are pro-Trump,” former CNN contributor Buck Sexton, a former CIA intelligence officer, said. “Today the entire enterprise clings to a fundamental dishonesty: that it has no political agenda. Taking down Trump is obviously the agenda. And in this regard, some of CNN’s ‘hard news’ anchors are the biggest journalistic frauds of all.”

“Sexton, however, did leave the door open to return to the network “if CNN stopped being crazy.”

“A spokesperson for CNN told Mediaite that the network is “always looking to add new perspectives from across the political spectrum” and highlighted conservatives commentators Scott Jennings, David Urban, and Steve Cortes, as well as former Republican officeholders such as Kasich, former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and former U.S. Rep. Mia Love of Utah.”

“Specific details were not yet known, but a source told Fox News that ‘basically the whole division’ will lose their jobs,” Fox New’s Brian Flood reported. “CNN did not respond to multiple requests for comment.” The healthcare unit of CNN was one of the very few there that was not focused on anti-Trump propaganda. CNN Health, CNN Climate, and the network’s Atlanta-based Southeast Bureau will be combined into one.

“Many health department staffers met with human resources on Tuesday,” Fox News added. “Staffers are shocked, as the health department is considered successful and CNN recently declared that no layoffs were imminent.” Earlier this month, 100 seasoned CNN employees took “voluntary buyouts” after the massive layoffs rumors began to surface, causing embarrassment for the network that consistently ranks dead last in cable news ratings.

Not only does CNN peddle fake news and propaganda… they also lie to their employees it would seem. Anyone surprised by this? I didn’t think so.

Sources: Fox News, The Daily Wire, The RightScoop, The Daily Caller

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